"New Generation"
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Social network of the new generation of Sphere.
Hello, dear friends, today we will sort through the unique social network Sphere, and, as in past articles, let's talk about her Bounty.

What are we talking about?
Sphere is a decentralized social network of a new generation, whose goal (first of all) is to achieve a kind of "fairness" in this industry.
The word "unique" is not used by chance. After all, the task of the company is not just the provision of user facilities. She intends to make a breakthrough in the modern world, becoming the largest and most reliable social project.

How did it all start?
Each of us, one way or another, is registered in other social networks, be it facebook, vkontakte, classmates, etc. But just think about it, your presence alone on these platforms brings a whole state, estimated in billions of dollars, to the owners of social networks . And most importantly, the total lack of confidentiality of your personal information. Imagine how great it would be if you had the right to part of this wealth. When each of your actions, as a "user", is regarded, directly, as an action of a member of the team? And most importantly: to be sure of the security of personal data.

The creators of the Social Network Sphere were very puzzled by this issue and believe that TODAY, we must stand up against these companies and "take away" from them the Internet.
And how will it end?
The scope was based on the idea that confidentiality, transparency and data security should be above all for any social network. And also starting from the theory that corporations earn on our data, although, of course, information belongs to us.

For us, a decentralized social network has been created, separated from those corporations that do just that. We can earn here ourselves, and most importantly - absolutely safe, thanks to the block and full confidentiality of personal data.

It is worth noting that the Sphere project has already been launched and is available in PlayMarket (android), AppStore (ios).
Social Activity Token (SAT)
Like any other project based on blocking technologies, this requires fuel, which is played by the SAT
20 SAT token = $ 1 USD at the initial coin placement.

What can be done with them?
First of all, standard social transactions.
These tokens are used throughout the system to facilitate transactions within a decentralized social network.

ERC20 compliance
Tokens should be stored in the Ethereum purse, compatible with ERC20, to take advantage of the benefits.

Market functions
Examples of wallets include MyEtherWallet, Mist and Parity. SAT will be sold on several exchanges.
So why exactly Sphere?
In this chapter, we discuss the main advantages of the company, highlighted in the previous chapters.

First, you make money.
With every click, with every social link and every page loaded, you can earn serious money, together with us to build a better decentralized social network together, regaining control and making a profit.
Secondly: the so-called "crypto-freedom"
You can be a part of something special and for the first time be present at the birth of a new crypto currency that gives power and profit to users, not corporations.
Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Profits
Thanks to the decentralized social network Sphere, all your personal views and search engine results are confidentially protected and stored away from the curious eyes of advertisers. And if they want to look, they must pay you!
Well, the fourth: the product is already developed and workable.
We have an experienced team and a product that has already been built, unlike other companies. Our team has many years of experience in designing systems that are safe and capable of managing large volumes.
Road map

Reliability of information

Official website ( https://sphere.social/?ref_code=5309-e2ab0e42 )

Bitcointalk ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2467225 )

Whitepeaper ( https://sphere.social/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.3.pdf )
In order to participate in the Bounty project, you must register on Off.Site ( https://sphere.social/?ref_code=5309-e2ab0e42 )
Bitcointalk Company Signature

It is necessary not to remove the signature until the end of the campaign
Minimum 10 posts per week
Posts at least 60 characters
Only for Jr Member and above
All posts in the section of alternative crypto currencies
Posts should be constructive
Spam is prohibited.
Accounts with negative trust can not participate.
It is necessary to write a report every Friday. Here

Jr. Member - 300 tokens per week
Member- 400 tokens per week
Full Member -1000 tokens per week
Sr. Member - 1600 tokens per week
Hero \ Legendary Member - 2400 tokens per week

List of participants

Company content articles and videos

Your content must be of high quality.
Your content must be original.
Your content should be publicly accessible.
Article at least 1000 characters without spaces.
Video at least 2 minutes.
Your video must be added to your YouTube channel.
Your account must be older than 1 month.
Do not forget to add links to Official site of the platform, whitepaper and ANN
Award for the article:

Excellent quality - 6000 tokens
Good quality - 2500 tokens
Normal quality - 750 tokens
Reward for the video:

10k subscribers - 6000 tokens
5k subscribers - 3000 tokens
1000 subscribers - 1500 tokens
500 subscribers - 750 tokens
250 subscribers - 450 tokens
100 subscribers - 300 tokens
50 subscribers - 225 tokens
0 subscribers - 120 tokens

Participate in video

Company Twitter

It is necessary to subscribe to the official page of the platform on Twitter
You must have at least 250 current subscribers
Account not younger than 3 months
Retweet and like at most 10 tweets per week with tags
Your account must be real
Only one account per person
Spam is prohibited You have
to write a report every Friday Here

For tweets:

100k subscribers - 1200 tokens
50k subscribers - 600 tokens
10k subscribers - 225 tokens
5k subscribers - 120 tokens
1000 subscribers - 60 tokens
500 subscribers - 25 tokens
250 subscribers - 10 tokens
For retweets:

100k subscribers - 600 tokens
50k subscribers - 300 tokens
10k subscribers - 120 tokens
5k subscribers - 60 tokens
1000 subscribers - 25 tokens
500 subscribers - 10 tokens
To participate

Facebook Company

You must subscribe to the official Facebook platform page
You must have at least 30 friends
Your account must be publicly available
Maximum of 10 reposts and likes in a week
Spam is prohibited
Only one account per person
It is necessary to write a report every Friday Here

1000 friends - 600 tokens
500 friends - 300 tokens
250 friends - 100 tokens
100 friends - 50 tokens
50 friends - 20 tokens
30 friends - 10 tokens
To participate

Company Reddit

Your account must have at least 50 posts and 200 comments.
Messages and comments with negative karma are not qualified.
Award for posts:

1000-1500 tokens
500-750 tokens
250-600 tokens
100-225 tokens
50-125 tokens
35-50 tokens
20-30 tokens
10-20 tokens
5-10 tokens
Reward for comments:

1000-600 SAT
500-300 SAT
100-125 SAT
50-40 SAT
30- 30 SAT
20-20 SAT
10- 10 SAT
Take part

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