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The Saviour!-Sphere
Communication started when human beings set foot on this planet earth.
When there was no language people used to communicate with gestures and signs.

The communication started to get better as people learned languages.
Now I don't know what language the early people spoke but we are grateful to them that they started a way which helped the human race communicate with each other.

People also used signs to express their thoughts and share information with their communities.
Time passed by and the communication system started getting better and better and not so long ago someone tied two cups of tin or whatever metal he used with a string and he was able to listen to another person at a distance from him.


People learned the skill of writing and wrote letters to each other as means of communication and that brought post offices into existence.


Time passed by and Alexander Graham Bell came up with a telephone and revolutionised the communication system.
People were now able to talk with each other from different corners of the world.


What really revolutionised the communication process is Internet, perhaps the greatest invention in the of 90's in the field of communication.

Out came the social network and people were able to make friends throughout the globe and stay in touch by chatting or calling through internet.


Rise of social networking

After the invention of internet, many websites or applications started offering online chatting and it was in 2004, the social networking giant Facebook came into existence and has been dominating the social networking world since then.

Another social networking website Twitter followed and millions of people started using it.

There are other famous social networking platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus and others which account for billions of users around the world.

People around the world spend hours daily on these websites and consume huge amount of data.

I don't know a person (In my area) who doesn't use Facebook or Instagram here.
Every age group is involved in this huge sea.
Even my 10 year old cousin has as many as 8 facebook accounts and plenty of instagram accounts as well.

Okay, enough being said about the popularity of these social networking websites, have you ever wondered how much profit they make from the time and data you spend on these websites?

Have you ever wondered that the data and information you share with your friends or colleagues is safe or not?

Have you ever wondered that you get the transparency you wanted from these social networking sites?

Well let me answer these questions one by one:

Social networking giant makes more than 1 billion dollars per month from you data and by selling you adds.
You might wonder that this is pretty huge amount for a company to make but it is the truth.
They make money by the data you use to surf their websites and by selling you adds.
The advertisers pay a hefty amount to have their adds published on these websites.
What do you get in return?

No your data is not safe because of the centralised nature of these websites.

No you don't.

All these past years you have spent your valuable time, money and only suffered at the hands of these social networking websites that gave nothing in return.

So what do you need to do now??

Stop using these social networking websites?
Well I bet you can't because they have became a part of you and it might be very hard for you to leave them.
So better look for an alternative, perhaps a decentralised one!!

The days of darkness are gone as there is now a decentralised social networking platform which assures data security, privacy and transparency.

Ladies and gentleman, I give to you the revolutionary decentralised social networking platform SPHERE.

images (10).jpeg

What is Sphere?

Sphere is decentralised social network which aims to give power back to the people.
That means the time and data you spend on sphere will let you earn a percentage of the money you spend on you data.

With sphere being the decentralised social network, you will get the ever wanted privacy, data security and transparency.

The organisations are making use of the data (which doesn't belong to them) we consume and making huge profits with it without our notice, Sphere aims to bring back the control to the users and have a say about their data.

Sphere is not just another social network which helps people to interact with friends, relatives and other people but guarantees privacy and the security of your data.

Sphere is going to redefine and revolutionise the use of social network.

With the help of sphere innovative advent the advertisers can target the people more efficiently and effectively.
This will allow advertisers to reach their consumers directly cutting down the extra marketing costs they spend on other websites.
This will benefit users as well as the advertisers.



Sphere has its own token called Social Activity Token(SAT) which can be used to transact within the platform and even utilised to help provide funds for the campaigns.

These transactions will involve the use of blockchain and therefore these transactions and whole sphere network will be transparent.

Sphere is currently running an initial coin offering of SAT tokens and you can participate in the coin offering by clicking here.

Below picture shows the details and bonuses you will be getting if you join now:



Sphere ICO started on 12th of February 2018 and is currently in its second and April 9 will mark the end of this ICO.
The current price of 1 SAT token is $0.14.

You can also join sphere with my referral link and get 20 SAT tokens as a signup bonus.

Number of websites which review ICO's have cam out positively in support of sphere.
Here is a link from icomarks which rates sphere 9.3 out of 10.

Be sure to do your own research before buying SAT tokens.

Here is a link to Sphere.social.
Sphere social network has an application for both android and ios.
The links are given below,check them out!