By chance, I found this project at the ICO stage, many experts are of the opinion that this project is very promising.
After the trawl acquaintance I want to share with you and tell you why it is worth
will pay attention to this social network SPHERE —

You can register here —

The Sphere is a decentralized social network of the next generation.
The network will contain its own cryptocurrency token.
On my subjective opinion this social network has a number of advantageous aspects, which we lacked all this time while conducting on the Internet.

Where do not look, we are faced with such problems.

Your online activity and your presence on social networks contribute to a billion dollars.
Do not you think that you should be entitled to better privacy protection?
Do not you think that you should be entitled to some of the wealth generated from your data?
The SPHERE team is sure! They believe that it’s finally worthwhile to stand in front of these companies and pick up the Internet!

Cool sounds true?
Let’s break everything down!
Let’s start with the advantages of SPHERE

YOU MAKE MONEY With every click, with every social link and every page loaded, you can earn serious money, together with us to build a better decentralized social network together, regaining control and making a profit.
YOUR DATA, YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY, YOUR PROFIT Thanks to Sphere’s decentralized social network, all your personal views and search engine results are privately protected and stored away from the curious eyes of advertisers. And if they want to look, they must pay you!
BECOMING FREE WITH CRYPTUALS You can be a part of something special and for the first time be present at the birth of a new crypto currency, which gives power and profit to users, not corporations.

The SPHERE was based on the idea that confidentiality, company transparency and data security should be the main building blocks of each social platform. Sphere believes that the millions that these corporations earn on your data do not belong to them, they belong to you
The development team creates a decentralized social network, separate from those corporations that do just that. You have an opinion, you get compensation, and, first of all, you regain control with each connection and each interaction.
Sphere is an existing product on the Google Play Store and on the Internet. The beta version of the iOS app is released for download to the Apple App Store.

Sphere is an existing product on the Google Play Store and on the Internet.The beta version of the iOS app is released for download to the Apple App Store.

The social activity token (SAT) links businesses and people.
Social transactions These social activity tokens are used throughout the system to facilitate transactions within a decentralized social network.
Conformity with ERC20 Tokens should be stored in the Ethereum purse, compatible with ERC20, to take advantage of the benefits.
Market functions Examples of wallets include MyEtherWallet, Mist and Parity. SAT will be sold on several exchanges.
Social Action Token (SAT). Crypto-marker based on standards ERC20

The token will be created (SAT)

20 SAT = $ 1 USD pre-ICO.

Connect your wallet to the account area of your debit card Sphere to spend tokens sphere You are like an unsecured currency anywhere in the world.

Add the convenience of infrastructure Visa, so you can use the marker as a single currency in almost all countries of the world.

Bounty program
or the registration of a new account, the user receives 100 SAT.
For the registration of new users through your referral link give 100 SAT, which equals to 5 USD at the time of Pre-ICO
The rest of the awards for your help you can see after registration on the site SPHERES.

You can register here —

At this stage, Pre-ICO SAT token has attracted 2136 PARTICIPANTS.
There are very cool bonuses, if you prioritize the SAT token right now.

Other bonuses you can see right here —

Trade area

Our network platform will include the vital properties of e-commerce. This will allow easily and simply registered users to create products or advertise services that their friends can see and purchase using their SAT. For example, if you intend to advertise your phone for sale, all you need to do is take pictures of your mobile device and list it with the title, description and price.

Then you can set up privacy settings to limit who will be able to view your messages. Once this is published, interested users can purchase the advertised goods or services simply by clicking the purchase button. By clicking on “Purchase”, the necessary cost of this product or service in SAT will be immediately sent to the purse of the seller, and the transaction will be marked as completed.

Our social ads platform will allow registered users to easily advertise their products by displaying commercials in the Sphere news feed. Users will have to pay for the ad slot. The platform will also function for each click and for each impression, the costs for them will automatically be deducted from the purse of sellers.

Whitepaper —

Registration —

About Sphere
Sphere is the new generation of social
We are creating a decentralized social network,
separate from those corporations. You
have a say, you get compensated, and above
all you take back the power with every click
and every social connection.
Limited company incorporated
in United Kingdom
Join our upcoming ICO
Be part of Sphere’s historic Initial Coin
Offering by being the first in the world to hold
Social Activity Tokens.
Registered office:
Kemp House, 160 City Road
London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX