BitRewards ICO is a smart and loyal rewards system for ecommerce businesses. It allows online stores to reward their shoppers with a "BIT" cryptocurrency, which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%. Due to the blockchian features and unique business model of BitRewards, this advanced loyalty system is provided free of charge to businesses.

BitRewards also brings a lot of benefits to retailers, because they get satisfied customers with crypto rewards and become more loyal. A loyalty program boosts retailers' revenues by dozens. The store is also being exploited by others from crypto enthusiasts who are very positive and appreciative of the attention of large businesses.

Overview of BitRewards ICO

Token: BIT

Price: 1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Payment: ETH, BTC

Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD

Country: Russia / Russia

Token Number: Up to 2 billion

Number of tokens for sale: Up to 1.28 billion

Start Pre-sale: 25/12/2017

End of ICO: 30/04/2018

Smart Deal Settlement: 11/05/2018

Main Transactions: T6-T7 / 2018

The tokens are not sold out: All are canceled

Use of capital: For product development and global expansion

Price token

1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH

1 ETH = 28,800 BIT

Sale of BitRewards ICO

  • Private pre-sale started: 25/12/2017 - Private pre-sale ends: 11/01/2018

  • Public pre-sale begins: January 12, 2015 - Public pre-sale ends: March 31, 1818

  • Crowd Sale started: 01/04/2018 - Crowd Sale ends: 4/30/2018

  • Token release date: 10/05/2018

Liquidity (Trading) Clearing Contract Intelligence: 11/05/2018

  • Key Transactions: June - July 2018

BitRewards ICO Tokens - BIT

The BitRewards internal token is called BIT and complies with the ERC20 standard. BIT is an internal currency and is used to perform all operations in the BitRewards ecosystem. Customers of online stores participating in the BitRewards Network will receive a BIT as cash - a certain amount can be configured or a percentage of the purchase, purchase of the friend they call to the store, divided share and like in social networks and other actions. Cash will be credited to the auto-generated e-wallet of the customer connected to the store through the BitRewards plugin.

BIT can be purchased at the same store or with other BitRewards participating dealers via online wallet connected with participating merchants. The BIT balance in the customer's online wallet can also be linked to the bank's payment card, which users can spend as if they were using a regular Visa or Mastercard. Customers will appreciate the opportunity, because they receive a flexible crypto currency instead of membership cards.

Customers can also purchase BIT through a transaction or through a Bancor smart liquidity agreement.

The value of the BitRewards token is defined in the open encoded exchanges. The cards can be exchanged with ETH, Bitcoin or fiat currencies. The token is accepted by all merchants using the loyalty platform and other BitRewards Network partners.

How does BitRewards ICO work?

Merchants Get an Advanced System to Improve Their Profits FREE: It is based on work solutions that can reward purchases, invite friends and purchase, share, like, evaluate. and more. Historical data shows that revenue has increased from the adoption of our tool by an average of 17%.

Buyers are rewarded with a BIT card, built on Ethereum blockchain: Rewards can be accessed from a single BIT account on the web, mobile phone or merchant's participating stores, and can be redeemed. or draw.

Both traders and customers feel real value. The AI ​​recommendation system offers rewards that customers appreciate and benefit merchants, better sellers for current users, and attract new ones.

Key issues for loyalty solutions and awards

Encouraging loyalty is not an easy task. A lot of customer issues can lead to problems for loyal rewards providers, including:

  • Account not active

  • Redemption rates are low

Keep your customers low

Low motivation by reward

BitRewards How does ICO solve the main problems of the loyalty system?

BitRewards addresses the limitations of the market and the loyalty system of its customers, including:

Account not active

The acquisition price is low

Increase the cost of customer service

Low motivation by reward

The benefits of BitRewards ICO

For new customers: The BitRewards loyalty system creates a unique, friendly customer experience:

A regular customer loyalty card will turn into a secret wallet full of links with hundreds of merchants. Creativity requires only simple registration with a Facebook account, email or phone number. It can be used as a common wallet to store BitRewards token, as well as other currencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.), developed on the value of rewards received (connected to the play of the token).

  • Bonuses in the form of BITs from different merchants accrued in a customer's account, which are linked to the entire BitRewards Network.

Cards can be purchased with any merchant in the BitRewards Network and network partners can leverage their business with additional bonuses and discounts for BIT card holders.

  • BIT balance in the wallet of the customer will also be connected to the card or virtual card of the bank that the user can spend the same as when they use the normal Visa or Mastercard.

Maximum flexibility and assurance of rewards

  • An easy way to make purchases in currency: Ethereum and Bitcoin may be credited to your customers' BitRewards account and used as payment to merchants participating in BitRewards.
  • The value of the card is determined for appreciation due to the increasing demand of retailers and the current market nature of today's crypto systems.

Retailers Advantages : Retailers connected to the BitRewards Network get new marketing tools and increase customer loyalty:

  • Free, but powerful and flexible program for any retailer, brand or service.

  • The only chance to reward customers and urge crypto enthusiasts to participate.

Have the opportunity to stand out from competitors and promote the brand or store.

  • Outstanding value for customers: BitReward's business model shows continuous BIT rating. (When customers receive BIT as a reward from a store, they can see their value increase over time.)

Convert infinite BIT to Bitcoin, Ether and any other currency in the user's wallet on the merchant's website, or on any wallet or other exchange.

Great incentives for customers as their bonuses increase, allowing merchants to communicate well and attract a lot of businesses using the BitRewards platform.

BIT Cross Exchange: Users can exchange BitRewards Tokens with merchant members, or any other participating operator. Something, this will make them feel more valuable when getting the standard points.

Platform, ecosystem and community of BitRewards.

How does BitRewards ICO work?

  1. Retailers connect to the BitRewards loyalty system by installing an existing GIFTD extension or by integrating it with their own loyalty system.

  2. This solution rewards customers with BIT for their purchases and friends and other actions. The module handles all code processing requests through the BitRewards platform.

  3. The value of the BIT can be judged because the initial issue is limited to 2 billion tokens and the leading demand for cards from the growing number of retailers joining the platform.

  4. BIT's possible rating encourages customers to save their cards instead of buying them for sale, while reducing the number of floating signals.

How do customers make BIT? User experience.

The following workaround illustrates the simple steps that users need to take to earn BitRewards Tokens by completing the purchase of BitRewards Network member merchants.

  1. A customer purchases at an online store that connects to the BitRewards module and sees the reward they can earn for each item they purchase in the store. (photo taken from whitepaper)

  2. They sign up via social network, email or phone (laughter from whitepaper)

  3. Customers see confirmation of the BIT reward after completing the purchase

They also have easy access to their wallet on the online store's website

  1. Each customer registered in the loyalty system of the BitRewards Network on the retailer's website will automatically receive a secret example with a unique Ethereum address. This can be used to receive and send Ether and other ERC20 tags and serve as a payment for the goods or services of this retailer or any other retailer in the BitRewards Network.

  2. If necessary, the token can be sent to any Ethereum compatible wallet.

  3. A confirmation message related to the successful transfer of the BIT is displayed on the screen and sent to the user's email, if provided.

BitRewards ICO - Development Roadmap

November, 2016 - February, 2017: Developed a loyalty system based on GIFTD points designed to reward shoppers.

February - October 2017: The conceptual structure uses Ethereum Blockchain with loyalty and rewarding tools and develops customers of encryption software for the ecommerce industry, bringing together development teams. .

October, 2017 - May 2018: The award and loyalty platform of the retailer and user loyalty to crypto-based web applications of BitRewards, the expansion of the US market, research, customer development, marketing campaign.

March - June 2018: Retail Contract Securities and Liquidity Management

June - July 2018: Integrate the loyalty system with Lightning Network and Raiden Network (after launching these technologies)

June - August, 2018: Mobile client application with wallet

July - November, 2018: Alpha version of the program introduces products and product launches, expanding the Asian market, researching, developing customers, marketing campaigns.

September - December, 2018: Mobile SDK for merchant applications

January - April, 1919: Integrate AI and self-study into the BitRewards platform

April - May, 2019: Blockchain-based traffic exchange between online and offline merchants

BitRewards ICO - Team

  • Alexander Egorov - CEO

  • Alexander Nevidimov - CTO, Blockchain Architecture

  • Greg Mann - Sales Manager

  • Sergey Alisov - Head of Design Department

  • Marat Arslanov - CMO

  • Vitaliy Makarenko - COO

  • Ilya Starovoitov - Business Development

  • Andrey Kladov - Mobile Architecture

  • Dmitry Semenov - QA engineer

Big Data and AI Team




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