Social media is a medium to socialize with each other and done online that allows humans or users to interact with each other without being limited space and time.

Social media meghapus human boundaries to socialize, space and space limitations, with this social media human beings are possible to communicate with each other wherever they are and whenever, no matter how far they are, and no matter day or night.

Three billion people or about 40% of the world's population, using social media-and according to some reports, we spend an average of two hours each day sharing, liking, writing and updating this device. That means about half a million cuitan and Snapchat photos are distributed every minute.

Social networking is a site where everyone can create a personal web page, then connect with friends to share information and communicate. The biggest social networks include Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. If traditional media use print media and broadcast media, then social media use the internet. Social media invites anyone interested in participating by contributing and feedback openly, commenting, and sharing information in quick and unlimited time.

As internet and mobile phone technology is getting more advanced then social media also grows rapidly. Now to access facebook or twitter for example, can be done anywhere and anytime just by using a mobile phone. So fast people can access social media resulting in a big phenomenon against the flow of information in developed countries and other developing countries. Because of the speed of social media also began to appear to replace the role of conventional media in spreading the news.

From the above facts can be concluded that social media is very positive impact on human life but social media is also inseparable from the negative impact of one is a security problem that is due to a lot of personal information disseminated on social media so that personal information users into general consumption of this course can harm the user itself.

Security issues arising from social media users' personal information so easily acquired that user privacy is not something that is important to social media encourages teams from Sphere to present a solution with a method of implementing Blockchain technology that enables it to be applied to information security issues. To find out what Sphere is and how it works, then I will try to discuss it in this article.

What is SPHERE?

Sphere is a decentralized social networking platform that is the latest generation of social media with the application of modern technology that also brings the popular features that exist in today's social networking.

Sphere is built on the idea that privacy, corporate transparency, and data security must be something important and something fundamental to every social platform.

The Sphere team believes that data and information from customers is not the property of the service provider but the right of the customer itself to be maintained in order to bring a sense of security of their personal data and information.

SPHERE, more than social media!

With decentralized social networks in the Sphere, all users 'personal browsing and search results are privately and kept securely away from advertisers' eyes. And if they want to get that information, they have to pay you (platform users).

Sphere gives more additions to their social media network than any other social media provider, this is the beginning of a revolution in social media. Sphere gives users increased privacy because their browsing habits are no longer sold to bidders as they potentially benefit for user browsing data.

Consumer demand for better privacy and data protection has created demand for services that control, benefit, and privacy back into the hands of consumers. Sphere is ready to face other marketing and advertising disruptions. The old and ineffective advertising methods will end soon. The old way will be replaced by the next wave of innovation.

Sphere will create a more transparent and open method for running a business in today's global marketplace. Innovative Sphere technology creates a scalable, anonymous, and secure social network that utilizes large amounts of data while ensuring privacy. the demand for a safer Internet and the security of this personal data not only sparked consumer reactions to services that did not respect privacy but also became a driving force for legislation and policy-making around the world on consumer data.

The advantages gained by using SPHERE platform

The Social Sphere Plan is allowing our users to sell their data on their own terms, the amount they charge. Sphere intends to take advantage of this system in their platform growth strategy in the hope of achieving rapid growth by incentivising users to transmit its data.Sphere will work to spur further growth with referral programs to encourage existing users to engage their friends.

The opt-in data sharing system will give users and advertisers more accurate and fun ways to communicate market demographics, product placements, publishing goods and services, and more.

Anyone who opts in to the system will then have an incentive to share their data because they will not only be paid to get their information but will be offered whatever goods and services the advertisers provide.

Sphere will protect user privacy and avoid misuse of user data. When there is a need for additional development, everything will be presented first to the user or community.

SPHERE, already available on the Google Store and App Store

Sphere is an existing product version of the web as well as apps in the Google Play Store and App Store, you can download it by clicking the link below:

Android ( Android App Beta Release v.2.1.41 )

IOS ( Beta IOS App Release v.1.2 )

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