Almost every person on earth uses that or other social honor from such giants as Facebook and ending with various mobile messengers. And thanks to us, ordinary users, social networks have multibillion-dollar revenues. Many of them earn not only on advertising, but also on the sale of confidential data of their users. And there is quite a reasonable question, do not we have the right to receive a part of the profit for viewing advertising, or use our data?
Or maybe we do not want to use our confidential data at all?

It was to solve this problem that the ICO of the project SPHERE ( https://sphere.social ) began.

✅SPHERE is a new revolutionary decentralized social network, which is built on the fact that protecting confidential user information and transparent company activities should be fundamental components. And while each user of this social network will be rewarded. Doing each click, viewing ads and so on you will earn.

Now all our personal information, the whole history of search and preferences will be safe. And if we want to share it with advertisers, they will have to pay. Accordingly, now users have not only the opportunity to communicate, but also to earn and influence what is happening.

A huge plus is that investors are investing their money not just in a beautiful idea, but in an existing product that is already on Google Play and a beta version in the iOS app.

SPHERE has a team that has been jointly developing projects for many years, they have tremendous experience. More information about the team can be found at: https://sphere.social

If a user wants to advertise one of his goods or services, he can easily do it himself, and all costs will be automatically deducted from his wallet.

Inside the whole system will have its own SAT crypto currency and all calculations will be conducted by it.

The SAT Token is built on the basis of the ERC20, which allows it to be stored in its ETH-purse after the ICO. This token will be sold on the stock exchanges, which will allow investors to profit not only in the long term, but immediately with the access to the stock exchange.

For more information, please see these links:
Site - https://sphere.social
Whitepaper - https: //sphere/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.4.pdf
BTT - https: // bitcointalk. org / index.php? topic = 2437581

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