Streamity is a new project that is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for peer to peer use. Something called StreamDesk is a key aspect of the Streamity project. StreamDesk is an aggregator to make sure that traditional currencies can be exchanged without an intermediary by using smart contracts. StreamDesk is also responsible for the exchanges between different cryptocurrencies. Efficiency and security are two of the most important aspects of the exchange. An interesting feature is that the rate of exchange is tied to the values that are collected from other exchanges. This allows for a fair market price of the cryptocurrency being traded. Other services that are going to be provided by Streamity are investment and educational resources, analysis, and news.

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency demand, there is much room for additional currency exchanges and products. As the public becomes more comfortable with these products, demand will increase even more. Streamity is well positioned to provide great services in this sector. By adding the use of smart contracts to the process of exchange, security is greatly improved.

There is also going to be a Streamity token with the symbol STM. This token will be used to pay for Streamity services and fees. Anyone who has more than 1250 STM tokens will get privileges like lower commissions when trading on the platform.

To start using the platform, first a request is created. Information such as payment method and wallet number are included in this. The open request can then be accepted by another user and the status becomes pending. The creator of the request then needs to confirm the transaction again, and the sale does not occur until the seller has notice that their account was credited with the money. This process is all handled with a smart contract. Read more about Streamity and their new platform using the links provided below.


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