KwhCoin! The best energy of the future!

Frequent unauthorised or emergency shutdown of power supply unstable power supply, lack of light in the apartment — these problems are familiar to everyone. It is not always possible to find a common language with suppliers of electricity, often operate illegally.

The current model of organization of accounting in the retail electricity markets places the responsibility on the end user; limits requirements to the metering devices accuracy class and the availability of metrological verification; clearly defines the mechanisms of control.

Supplies light and heat to third world countries and even in other cities cost resource providing organizations more 5–6 times, but even this does not guarantee an uninterrupted supply. Period blackouts in such areas may reach 12–15 hours a day. Experts see the problem in using alternative energy — solar or wind, as well as in the transition of consumers to their generation.

But in order to increase the number of producers and users of renewable energy to save and protect the environment can help the project KWHCoin.

The platform project will be unique and useful to producers who will be able to transfer, sell renewable energy, as well as buyers, users having access from any point. In addition, all this reduces costs of local energy producers, as they can be easily tokenservice and also send through the platform. The value of one KWHCoin will initially equal 1 kilowatt-hour, at the same time, this token collects all the energy data resources.

This idea will motivate humanity to develop and maintain renewable energy sources, more efficient use and slowly cease production, fuel generation from fossil fuels, which negatively affects the environment, both in the form of harmful emissions, pollution and considerable cost of this whole process. The point of the produced renewable energy will be able to easily implement this project. Operations will be performed using the token that with time and development will grow in the price and will make a great contribution to the development of this useful direction for the entire earth.

If you look at this idea of investment, you will be able of course to sell the cryptocurrency for this project on the stock exchanges. All app users can also easily sell their tokens without intermediaries and without a Central authority, because it is not. The main goal of the team is to implement and build on smart contracts, so she was reliable, transparent and safe for everyone and all operations were carried out on demand. This digital network of energy consumers and producers is also known as Crid will work in desktop and mobile applications with open source. The main exchange medium is just KWHCoin.

Because of this the platform can be increased as the value so the popularity of renewable energy, to motivate them to invest in this sector on the basis of both reward and its usefulness from an environmental side. In addition, according to world statistics, slightly more than one billion people lack access to electricity. Eliminated the problem of fraud, Commission third parties, no central governing body, which constantly sets its own rules and increases the price of energy almost as much as you want. Saving on these aspects, people will be able to earn more and spend less.

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