Digital currencies, which have climbed to an unprecedented degree over the last few years, are increasingly influencing consumers' spending habits and purchasing methods, that is, every aspect of life, along with the world economy. In summary, digital currency can be expressed as a virtual concept hidden behind a series of cryptographies based on mathematical operations, which in real sense are called "crypto money" and are very difficult and costly to obtain. Cryptographic currencies are creating a new architecture for inter-transaction transactions without a reliable broker. The new developments in the digital currencies, especially the ups and downs, are notable for investing in the ups and downs of all of us. In addition, the transaction volume in the digital money market, the number of investors, Deposits are undesirably increasing due to this popularity. In this article, I will talk about the Streamity approach, which offers a comprehensive cryptographic exchange service for fiat currencies without using intermediaries. For more detailed information pleaseVisit https://streamity.org/ .

What is Streamity?

As I mentioned briefly above, Streamity is a service that can perform comprehensive encryption exchange for fiat currencies without using the tool. This approach certainly uses very intelligent contracts to protect users against all kinds of fraud. Streamdesk is a P2P platform, a service that both parties can handle. Streamdesk is a very innovative approach with the use of block chain technology and a profitable and profitable approach besides perfect security service for the other party. However, there is no comparison between traditional financial institutions such as the stock exchange, banks or others, and banking services because the price currencies are transferred directly between individuals. In other words, the Streamity project will provide a decentralized P2P stock exchange platform based on block-chain and smart contract technologies for crypto-paradigm shifts. All transactions will be between the seller and the seller, who are directly involved in the transaction, without any intermediaries or third parties.

One of the issues that investors interested in the digital money market have argued over the last few years is how to switch between crypto money and real money in a safe and fast way. The best known solution in this regard is; the most popular centralized crypto money market sites and cashmere cards that support crypto money. This known solution also has some disadvantages. These;

Very high commissions and transaction fees allocated from
these sites or banks Low security vulnerabilities and transparency levels of these sites or banks
Transfer of money sometimes does not go into account even in a day or week Slow transaction speeds
Many countries have a gap in this issue, the formation of laws is not under the protective umbrella, that is, it is inadequate in terms of the law There are
difficult and useless transaction menus that are not suitable for everyone's use.
Streamdesk Properties

Streamdesk has features that are not in another digital money transfer platform. These;

Smart Contract can not be separated from ecosystem streams.
Operational Legality: It follows the KYC policy based on a fair partnership.
Minimum Commission: Users can determine the transfer method according to their policies and at low rates. For example, this ratio can range from 0 to 2%.
Simplicity and convenience: In one application, crypto money is a simple and safe way to buy or sell happily.
Freedom of the crypto community: Fiat can use the currency and encryption process freely and freely and legally. The exchange rate will be determined according to the current exchange rate.
In addition, the "StreamDesk" platform has many advantages. These;

It offers easy and convenient service.

Unlimited large-scale, that is, serves on a global scale.
You can save on crypt money purchases because you do not have fixed interest rates, low commissions and hidden fees.
You can buy and sell the crypto currency at a fixed price. Encryption rates are fixed.
When the bill is transferred to the dealer's account, security of the crypto exchange receiver is ensured when a signal from the payment system turns on the smart contract.
If a buyer does not transfer an actual penalty to the seller's account within a period of time, a smart contract is opened and the crypto is returned to the account of the money-seller. This ensures encryption merchant security.
24/7 reliable technical support is provided.
Advantages of STM Token

STM markers are openly traded on large cryptographic exchanges that can be used by new customers and allow investors to sell them instantly. Development for STM services and the desire of new customers will create an established demand for STM. Thus, in addition to the currency value increase associated with the fiat currencies of the STM symbols, there is also an inexhaustible potential for the main cryptographic currencies.

Since the "STREAMITY" project is based on well-known group services, the project services for the market conditions of the crypt money will be protected. It is expected that STM will be stable as STM's exchange rate rise and movement are very low.

Token Sales and Distribution

Pre-ICO flow
Start: 25.12.2017 (12.00 Moscow Time, UTC-8)
End: 28.01.2018 (12.00 Moscow Time, UTC - 8)
Depending on the stage the investor supports the project, a 30% discount will be given specifically for PRA-ICO.
2 phases of ICO

TOKEN SALES PHASE: 1 day bonus 20% and bonus 2-14 days 15%
Start: 12.03.2018 (12.00 Moscow Time)
End: 25.03.2018 (12.00 Moscow Time)
Stage 2: Bonus 10%
Start: 16.04.2018 12.00 Moscow time)
End date: 29.04.2018 (12.00 Moscow time)

Road map

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