Crypto currency is a digital asset intended to fill in as a medium of trade that utilizations cryptography to secure its exchanges, to control the making of extra units, and to check the exchange of benefits. Currently the cryptocurrency markets have seen aggressive and record expansion as newcomers and traditional investors flood the space. With millions of new global users, the platforms and services that many rely on have undergone extensive shutdowns, new user registration locks, and general service degradation due to the increasing volume.


Vivid’s platform is designed to make thorough and complete use of the VIVID ERC20 Ethereum Utility Token. In architecting an ecosystem where VIVID tokens are able to thrive and expand in it’s utility, we have approached several key activities that token holders may participate in.


Log and manage your crypto assets with best in class charts, drawing tools, indicators, and more.


Our mobile and desktop applications let users add a wide range of custom indicators to their charts. With VIVID tokens, users can unlock more powerful indicators and will one day be able to upload their own for others to download.


View the overall cryptocurrency markets in your world. See the same coin charts and modular indicators in 3D space. Bring in accessories such as the moon, a rocket ship or a bull to take an awesome photo of your crypto gains.


Vivid’s ecosystem of content creators publishing their market analysis, commentary, and technical understanding of a particular coin or subject earn them VIVID tokens through voting from the community.

With an established social and market analysis platform, Vivid allow developers to leverage our APIs to show their coin’s information on their site, add custom chat features, and much more.

● Advertising Purchases: An extra key segment to the Vivid biological community is the open door for up and coming ICO/tokensale ventures, existing coins, and other digital money related organizations to buy publicizing space inside the expanded reality part of the stage. Through obtaining for instance, a 3D portrayal of a specific coin utilizing VIVID tokens over some undefined time frame, another up and coming ICO may contact a wide group of onlookers in an exceptionally viable and connecting with way.

● API Access: Going about as a passage to get to Vivid stage API's, designers may use VIVID tokens to buy rights for future applications created utilizing Vivid's biological system of market information, group substance, and that's just the beginning.

● Tipping User Generated Content: Our approach on building a long haul stage where client created content is put the focal point of the audience, clients can use their VIVID tokens to vote on quality substance, which goes about as a motivating force for specialized examination specialists to move their substance to the Vivid distributing stage. This positive upward force is a key driver to giving supportable development in an connecting with and dynamic mold.

● Pro Features Access​: A noteworthy driver for some, brokers, highlights, for example, specialized examination pointers are a key beginning part in kick-starting token utilize. These unlockable highlights incorporate, yet are not restricted to, cutting edge pointers, outline explanations, promotion free increased reality encounters, and selective sharable substance.


Vivid token sale event will be held for the distribution of VIVID tokens, which is your gateway to premium features, voting, and services offered throughout the Vivid ecosystem. Vivid is a fixed supply of 140 Million Ethereum ERC20 with the ticker VIVID. These tradeable tokens are based off the ERC20 standard and operate on top of the Ethereum blockchain that facilitate the creation of decentralized applications.


Vivid dedication is to building a thriving and purpose-driven token economy. This is key to the platform’s long term success and growth. This is an enormous factor in our decision to sell a majority of VIVID’s total supply to the public through Vivid token sale.


A majority of Vivid funding is being directed to scaling development of ongoing applications and platform services outlined on this page as well as the whitepaper. Another large focus is on expanding marketing and key partnerships in the goal of making a household name when it comes to cryptocurrencies.



Sister Company Formed

Rooted in human-centered design, we formed a venture in 2014 to explore the augmented and virtual reality space as the paradigm was shifting from planar imaging to volumetric display.


Begun XR Exploration

Pushing the limits of visual engagement, we delved into 3D reconstruction knowing full well the proliferation of AR/VR consumption devices would soon catch up.

H1 2017

Thrive Telepresence Launched

Built on a world-class architecture, our enterprise level SaaS platform redefines human interaction by connecting people and information in immersive environments.

H2 2017

Vivid is Born

Vivid solves problems crypto users face daily and is the culmination of our experience building products and brands, combined with our team's passion for the space.

H1 2018

Private Sale Oversubscribed

After the new year, a sneak peek of Vivid's early designs were seeded online in closed forums. With interest immediate and overwhelming, we opened a private sale round to invited participants and reached our goal within a few days.

March 2018

Public Sale Launched

A token sale is being held to accelerate productization and commercialization of the Vivid mobile apps and platform ecosystem. The raise allows us to bring to market a unique set of features and experience designed for crypto consumers.

H2 2018

Private Mobile Beta

Our mobile app will enter private beta release in the coming months. Applications will soon be accepted for qualified beta testers with priority going to contributors.

H2 2018

AR Advertising Platform Beta

As we understand our audience's interests and behaviors, we give brands the opportunity to launch experiential marketing campaigns and unobtrusive sponsorship placements to engage with consumers which matter most to them.

H2 2018

Desktop Application Beta

To expand accessibility and usability, we serve additional form factors by offering a desktop application. This becomes especially important to developers and power users as we introduce more advanced tools to satisfy their requirements

H1 2019

Publishing Platform Beta

Vivid is fostering a community of content creators to share with, learn from and teach one another. Users will have the chance to influence and earn rewards through user generated content that is rated by peer review.

H1 2019

API Services

Next year, Vivid will give developers access to its platform through integration points so businesses may begin developing meaningful 3rd-party applications which extend the Vivid brand and reach.

H1 2019 & Beyond

3rd Party Applications

Partners on Vivid's platform will enhance the power of its product through revenue-generating engagement and analytics applications designed for business productivity and consumer convenience.


Meet the industry focused team, the best in the industry.

Vivid strive for building killer teams to unleash best products and services

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