Despite the fact that DIW stands for ‘Digital Identification Wallet’, there is no one way to accurately describe what DIW is. The idea behind it is boundless with our imagination being the only limit. The project will only expand over time.

If we would try hard to describe it, the closest expression that comes to mind is that DIW is ‘Virtual Life’, a project that will eventually encompass all aspects of human activity.

In technological terms, DIW is a personal decentralized identity service which enables registered account holders to securely store and access sensitive encrypted data utilizing the power of a blockchain network.

Individuals and organizations looking to store, maintain as well as securely share their critical data — in part or in whole — will be greatly benefited by joining the DIW network.

DIW will also develop and supply its own Hardware Wallet which will ensure maximum security to demanding premium members. This, in conjunction with the security offered by blockchain technology provides unprecedented levels of protection and peace of mind; what we call ‘Decentralized Security’!

DIW also intends to introduce the DIW token, which account holders may use to transact with other DIW identity holders including both businesses and / or individuals. It will also act as a “collect on delivery” service, by which DIW holders can initiate transactions based on pre-specified terms, with or without third party intermediaries monitoring the transaction.

A ‘DIW Payment Gateway’ will also be introduced — an easily integrated check out system — that will provide the opportunity to businesses and individuals alike to pay or be paid in all major fiat as well as crypto currencies and work with validated DIW community members, securely sharing their contact details along the way.

Ensured advantages of the DIW decentralized community:

• Ultimate security to the account holder via the utilization of a hardware wallet

• Efficient, swift and cost-effective transaction processes

Complete freedom to transact via any form of currency, digital or fiat
• Single access to an endless doorway

Access to support provided by a large, global community
• Secure peer-to-peer protocol for the distribution of sensitive data including personal electronic healthcare records
All of the above will be easily accessed via DIW’s platform by simply creating and maintaining an account.

Informazioni dettagliate:

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