The transfer and storage of personal data is a rather personal and touchy subject in most people’s lives as the data in question often comprises of intimate and private information. What makes most individuals skeptical about bringing their personal data online is the high rate at which sensitive data is being intercepted or stolen globally resulting in grave consequences for the victims.

For professionals who conduct their businesses online is not easy to get strangers to trust you as most fear being scammed or being left with substandard products, services or even nothing. Companies have not been spared of the scourge of online security breaches and some have even fallen victim to online scams.

Trust issues have negatively impacted the growth of cryptocurrencies resulting in only those online communities populated by those in the ‘know’ adopting the currencies while the mainstream shuns it.

DIW’s unique concept plans to put an end to the problems that I have highlighted above. The plan is to introduce a global blockchain based network which will be completely equipped with its own ecosystem and currency, hence the name DIW. The acronym DIW stands for ’ Digital Identification Wallet’ but the project’s scope of applications goes far beyond just a cryptocurrency wallet.

DIW Token Explainer Video
DIW is one of the most promising projects to date and has many advantages:
Full protection of your confidential personal safety and money in your account;
Fast, profitable, and, most importantly, safe conditions for any transactions;
The system supports the ability to work with any currency options, including fixed and digital ones;
Access to the account is guaranteed only to a user;
A unique system of technical support, solving any problems that arise as quickly as possible;
Application of the most secure peer-to-peer protocol when transferring data.
All this shows that modern DIW technology is today advanced in its kind and works to ensure complete safety and user convenience.

So, with the help of the DIW decentralized system users will be able to store any data without restrictions — it can be data and various accounts, passwords and even documents. The platform guarantees absolute security, as well as simple data exchange with other users of the system.

Nowadays, the sites are able to accept currency of any kind, including cryptocurrency, and even fiat money.

In the near future, DIW will create a unique worldwide catalog of various products and services on its platform. The creation of a transparent rating system will provide confidence and ease of choice for users, and will also increase the reach for the target audience.

When carrying out transactions, both sides will be protected from any third-party interference and any kind of fraud.

DIW token holders receive a unique opportunity to make a transaction directly on the DIW platform. The company plans to issue more than 1 billion DIW tokens for use. The funds received from the sale of tokens will be fully directed to the development of the project — its technical, legal marketing and many other components.

You can purchase DIW tokens during the sale process: pre-sale (preICO), and basic sale (ICO). The total number created by the co-founders is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). 70% of this amount (7,000,000) DIW tokens will be allocated for sale. All tokens that will not be sold will be burned after the sale ends. This will directly affect the fact that the value of the token will increase, because the amount is limited.

The cost of the token will begin to change from the very beginning. Below we can see the scheme by which the price for the acquisition of the DIW token will be different with respect to time and conditions. That is, the contract for their cost will be made depending on the number of tokens, which will remain from sales.

The exact dates of the pre-sale and the main sale of the tokens will be announced shortly. Follow the news of the project and from time to time visit its official website in order not to miss important news.

Below is a road map of the project, which shows what the team has already achieved, and what else it plans to implement. It is evident that the co-founders really work on the development of the project, try and invest in it a lot of efforts. They are great.

The DIW project improves this world. His idea was created in order to develop everyone, to improve the activities of people who are striving to become successful. DIW creates the conditions for you to be comfortable to carry out certain activities that would be effective for you.

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