Digital money refinement should be a very helpful administration and will protect different issues, such as reverse clause, data security issues and fate, health and mechanical disorders, as well as different problems. we must be on the lookout for the advancement of the world of cryptography of money. From a variety of issues, the kind of progress required is great and today.

DIW is still possible to decode it as Digital Identification Wallet will be a decentralized platform for direct interaction between people, enterprises and internet resources when transferring data, money(digital money, Fiat), excluding intermediaries.

Here you get global catalog, reference consisting of a list of people, firms, distributed according to the trust rating, the quality of the transactions that have passed a thorough inspection for confirmation of identity, legality of business and at your discretion have to work with them directly

As you can see today, more and more news comes out on stealing digital or fiat currency like crypto-exchanges and bank accounts, because they are centralized and have low security, but still vulnerable, and we ourselves simply don’t know how to use our funds until they are from them. In fact we are risking very much. In DIW all will be decentralized and manage all of your data, money will be only you.

It’s just the best way of keeping and sharing your data and financial assets, as all community will give a rating to the user with whom you are going to exchange, the reviews about it, and be done with escrow. This eliminates the usual intermediaries taking fees for transfers or sometimes even keeping the entire amount( in the case of fraud).

Development and application of DIW:

Safe digital storage

Payment gateway for Crypto and the Fiat Currency

Global DIW catalog

Paid Escrow 5.



Pred-ICO: 1 quarter 2018

ICO: 1 quarter 2018

Token: DIW

Token type: ERC20

Hardcap: 76750 ETH

Token price: 1 DIW = 0,000085 eth

In total tokens: 1 000 000 000

Available to sale: 70%

Supports: ETH, BTC

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