1 The Current Poblem
1.1 Advancing Data Breaches
There is an increasing amount of sensitive data being intercepted or even stolen globally affecting everyone — individuals and businesses alike,
sometimes with unimaginable consequences both on and offline

2 Utilising Crypto Currency
In a period of just 12 months, the total market cap of all Crypto Currencies has seen a signifcant increase. However, crypto currency is solely used within the crypto community and online exchanges- not in ‘real life’ hence, its usage is limited.

3 Growing Online Fraud
Finding trustworthy and professional individuals and businesses to work with online is proving to be harder and harder. Every year, an increasing number of people and businesses are being scammed, left with substandard products, services or, even worse, nothing at all. A recent report revealed that 75% of the companies included within a global survey had fallen victims of fraud,
with 69% of these suffering fnancial loss. The number of attacks on individuals is even higher, as they are much less prepared, thus more prone
to attacks.

2 The Solution
DIW plans to bridge and solve all aforementioned issues with the introduction of its global, blockchainbased, decentralized network, complete with its own ecosystem and currency

DIW holders will be able to access the network anonymously, gaining access to a Secure Vault, where they will be able to securely store their entire
‘Virtual Life’ including sensitive documents such as passports, contracts, electronic health records and login details.

Organizations and individuals around the globe will be able to take part and exchange their services in the form of a Global Directory. Access to the network is only provided to valid holders, having confrmed their accounts by flling KYC / KYS documentation. Transactions will be completed in full transparency and all network members will be able to see each other’s real life performance in the form of a rating score

The DIW Token will be used and accepted throughout the network for transactions between its members, enabling higher security. Additional
services such as encrypted storage solutions, digital contract-based escrow services as well as a hardware wallet for enhanced security will also be
offered to its premium members.

To top it all, DIW plans to introduce its own Payment Gateway that will be easily integrated within e-commerce websites accepting both fat and Crypto currencies enabling the utilisation of crypto-currencies in everyday life, with the DIW Token being the most ideal form of payment.

The above functions sit at the core of the DIW project. Building on these, the possibilities are endless. As security becomes an increasing priority, DIW will be a personal safe heaven one that will allow the secure storage, access
and sharing of information, enable secure online purchases as well as help its members locate, come into contact and work with true professionals.At any given time, its members will be able to only provide information they are comfortable to share with others. All of these will be made possible within a fully transparent network, featuring its own ecosystem.

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