Good evening to all readers! Our topic for today is the UTEMIS cryptocurrency, which was created specifically for business development on the Latin American continent.

As we know, the inhabitants of the continent can not trust their national currency, because of the terrible instability.
Indigenous people, for example, are still buying Bitcoin from hopelessness.
And only decentralized B2B electronic commerce on the Blochkchain platform is able to turn the Latin American continent into a single market.

Let us analyze how decentralization promotes business in Latin America.
To begin with, decentralization of the economy throughout the country will not only protect depositors but also investors. Latin American companies will have the same opportunities for business development and for earnings as China, and maybe more!

With the help of decentralized business based on the Ethereum Blochkchain platform, mechanical minds will automatically figure out how to proceed with these or other investments.
This will accelerate trade and profits for many small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America.

Previously, all banking operations on the continent took a lot of time and money! This could drag on for a few days, which is unacceptable for investors, depositors and just coin holders. Now with UTEMIS operations are performed instantly, while saving on bank interest. People can finally get their money to work for them. I think they deserve it!

And another good news — UTEMIS uses a deposit account, which protects the buyer. Your money is always protected and you can always get them back without any problems and penalties.
Well, of course, the developers of this project had to introduce a new UTEMIS crypto currency which would turn the entire Latin American continent into a single economy.

UTEMIS thanks to its platform Ethereum Blochkchain inspires confidence in people, which is undoubtedly an impetus for business growth.
Because Blockchain was designed in such a way that people who do not know each other could do business together. Without intermediaries and with minimal costs. Blockchain was originally developed for the account of transactions, but is able to read other forms of transactions.

The creators will gather from January 2018 to quickly start creating the UTEMIS ecosystem and searching for the sales team. Of course, first you need to collect enough money.

More information about UTEMIS can be found here:
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Whitepaper — https: //
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