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Trueflip is a bitcoin-based lottery platform which is powered by blockchain technology. Trueflip is aiming to become the largest lottery platform. Unlike other online lottery platforms we've seen in the past, Trueflips is building a fun and engaging lottery platform that is fully transparent.

Trueflip is powered by bitcoin's blockchain technology— This means that all transactions executed on Trueflip's lottery platform are easily verified on the blockchain. This way, there is no cheating or fraud thus improving security and overall transparency within Trueflip's lottery platform.

It is worth noting that since the inception of Trueflip lottery platform beta release in April 2017, Over 31+ Bitcoins has been won and the rewards has been distributed among on all winners. From the stats available at , Over 116,972 players have joined and played the lottery game and jackpot available on Trueflip.

The lottery draws on Trueflip are conducted on daily basis using the block hash at 8Pm UTC that meets the standard technical requirements in place. Once this is done, the draws will be immediately conducted and winners would be announced and rewarded. The process of drawing the lottery winners will be streamed daily on Tripflips Youtube account (available here) and Trueflip's medium blog.

Aside from being a decentralized lottery platform, Trueflip is also aiming to create a platform which could be used by private companies, charitable foundations and even governments to set up and host any kind of lotteries.
To play at Trueflip lottery platform, users are required to purchase the lottery tickets which cost 0.001 BTC ($2.65).

Trueflip ICO Information:

Trueflip will be hosting an ICO (initial coin offering) where Trueflip platform native tokens "TFL" will be offered for sale to early investors. The maximum amount of TLF tokens to sold is 21,000,000. The funds raised during the ICO will be used for Trueflip jackpot prize fund and also to develop the platform.
The price of TFL tokens during the ICO will be according to the following schedule:

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These tokens are created proportionally to the amount of investments received in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. No more TFL tokens will ever be created after the crowdsale which ends at 28th July 2017.

For instructions on how to participate in Trueflip ICO, head to:
The funds raised during the ICO will be used according to the following arrangements:
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Why You should invest in Trueflip ICO?
Trueflip tokens are rare gems in the making with a low supply of 21,000,000 TFL tokens. This means that there’s a high tendency for the value of TFL tokens to rise. In addition, TFL token holders are entitled to a share of 10 to 15% of lottery ticket sales made from the platform.

The dividends are shared equally among token holders based on the amount of TFL tokens they own. (You own more, You get more % of the dividends).

Here’s how Trueflip dividends to TFL holders will work:

  • dividends are accrued daily after each draw;

  • dividends are paid 4 times a year according to the results of each quarter;

  • the amount of dividend (within 10-15% of income) is determined by the Token holders voting;

  • the owners of the Tokens are notified in advance of the date of payment;

  • to receive a dividend, the holders must park their Tokens on the lottery server;

  • dividends will be calculated only on the parked Tokens in proportion:

For more information about Dividends, Please see the WhitePaper

Meet The TrueFlip Team
The team spearheading TrueFlip Blockchain Lottery Platform is a group of professionals in various fields with over 12+ experience in developing blockchain projects.
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WhitePaper: Whitepaper(01.06).pdf
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