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Hi all i want to talk about a new player in the Cybersecurity world.

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What is Rivetz?

Rivetz is a “first-mover” with patent pending cybersecurity services and capabilities that leverage the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). By providing a vault to isolate and protect keys and encrypted material from apps, malware, users, and hackers, Rivetz is focused on providing a truly safe experience for accessing all digital services – maximizing the quality and value of the provider-to-subscriber relationship.

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What is a vault ?

A large room or chamber used for storage, especially an underground one.

Rivetz is developing technology that will push the edge of security to the screen of the device. Rather than a password being the last line of defense, individual devices will be deputized to broker access to valued online assets. The Global Attestation and Identity Network is intended to record and verify the health and integrity of the device using an RvT and blockchain technology. This new service builds on the last three years of work by Rivetz in creating the platform and tools to simplify a developer’s access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a dedicated and impenetrable hardware platform that exists in every device.

The Rivetz solution takes advantage of the TEE, which provides Rivetz with an isolated execution environment within the main processor to execute code that cannot be observed or altered by the operating system. This vault on the processor enables Rivetz to store and process sensitive data, and assure that policy and controls are executed as expected.

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The TEE is a measured environment that can be verified and proven to be operating in a reference condition. TEE capabilities have been available on both ARM and Intel architecture processors world-wide for many years.

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The RVT tokens.

Rivetz intends to introduce the RvT, a cybersecurity token that is planned to enable the registration of devices and attest to their cybersecurity controls. The RvT is intended to be integral to delivering automated device-to-service or device-to-device payment for the consumption of the cybersecurity service and eventually other permissioned services. It is planned to assist the owner of the device to forensically prove verified cyber controls are in place when a transaction is executed.

Rivetz Background.

Rivetz has been building this technical foundations for 3 years and has existing contracts with the U.S. government. The technical models for attestation have been part of global standards from the European Union to OASIS to NIST for many years but the economic model has been missing to support this ecosystem. Rivetz’ leadership has been part of the governance in this industry for the last 20 years, driving the adoption of trusted computing hardware and developing the technology services and economic models to put trusted computing to work.

What is Health of a Device?

The trusted execution environment provides isolated execution of code on the main processor. When the TEE is powered on, the code that is executed inside the TEE is signed and the signatures are verified before any code executes. Each step verifies the signature of the next step before it runs. If it works, this chain of trust guarantees the “integrity” of the code is verified. With the last signature “the health” of the device can be checked assuring nothing has been changed.

The application of the Rivetz solution.

  • Multi-factor authentication with provable cybersecurity controls.

  • Assured transaction Instructions for e-commerce transactions.

  • Assured instructions for online and offline cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Token project protection of client private keys and process.

  • Machine multisig. Most token system will support a multisig wallet for better protection. Rivetz intends to deliver support for machine multisig. Once tokens are placed into a multisig wallet the conditions must be satisfied to use the tokens.


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CEO & Cofounder

Steven Sprague

Steven is one of the principle industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven served as President and CEO for 14 years at Wave before transitioning to the board of directors. A popular speaker on cybersecurity and trusted computing, Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms.

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CTO & Cofounder

Michael Sprague

Michael is an original web veteran. He’s developed and directed products spanning digital micro-transactions and trusted execution networks in the nineties, interactive TV and network video distribution in the naughts and more recently device identity and social media privacy. Michael’s career began as a developer and architect for a small but prestigious consulting firm contracted to redefine the global banking system for such clients as JP Morgan, Citibank and Fidelity.

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VP Engineering

Sean Gilligan

Sean is a seasoned software developer and team lead, with 30 years of industry experience. As an independent consultant and principal at Open Systems Development, Sean built networking and systems software products for companies such as Apple, 3Com, Novell, Silicon Graphics, and SUN Microsystems.


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  • Early Bird Bonus: 20%

  • Minimum objective: $5,000,000 USD

  • Maximum amount: $50,000,000 USD

  • Max RvT total supply: 200,000,000 RvT

  • Max RvT sold by crowdsale: 70,000,000 RvT

  • Website :


Task Token Allocation

  • Available in Token Sale 70,000,000

  • Incentivized Distribution 60,000,000

  • Reserved for Future Use 70,000,000

A Presale is available and will require a minimum purchase of 150ETH. For more information please contact!

Stay tuned for more details over the next few days!