The show industry is one of the oldest industries that has a consistency of historical growth. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the event industry will grow by 44% from 2010 to 2020, surpassing other industry growth forecasts. Every day, thousands of events occur all over the world. This Deevent occurs for various reasons. Interestingly, 79% of US marketers generate sales by using event marketing.

One of the biggest problems facing the industry is marketing. Industry statistics show that:

50% of vendors have issues with inviting people to respond to invitations
40% have a problem with getting people to pay attention to the invitation
More than 30% can not minimize no show
Almost 30% found it difficult to get people to attend the event
More than 20% have problems in confirming who is present
Google and Facebook have taken over the online advertising world with 54% and 45% ad revenue respectively. Most event organizers use this platform for online advertising while 13.6% of organizers have no experience running campaigns on this platform. Organizers using this platform face serious challenges. 73.6% using online tools are ineffective online advertising victims. The centralized online ad platform is currently designed to enrich themselves for user losses. An example is Jack — the concert organizer who uses the CPC model for advertising. The action is “buy tickets”. With an average CPC on Facebook of $ 0.32. He gets 1000 clicks, but only 30 people complete the ticket purchase. Jack ended up spending $ 320, 00 while the actual cost based on the full conversion is $ 9.60. That is an unnecessary 3333% fee.

The CPA system can not interact with FB or Google API, therefore it is limited. The CPA system is also centralized. Viral effects occur only when people have a reason to share.

Introducing Kickcity
Imagine Eventbrite & in blockchain with an awesome rewards system that enables effective marketing, Welcome to KickCity. Using blockchain technology, KickCity — an experienced revenue-generating company will disrupt the event industry by completely removing ineffective advertising, third-party billing, and freeing up 50% of the event’s time through the promotion of a decentralized rewards-based event. The Ethereum smart contract will allow the development and implementation of the KickCity protocol.

KickCity is a startup school of combinator Y Alumnus and one of the leading innovation companies in the $ 40 billion event marketing industry using blockchain technology.

Kickcity Protocol
A decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for event marketing in return for participants will enable event marketing more effectively without going through a central advertising platform / institution.

New revenue sources for you, event participants and marketers while maximizing results for Event vendors.

We propose an incentive-based viral system that has the potential to bring millions of people in contact with crypto. Our learning curve rewards first users with tokens, motivating them to use this token for ticket purchases or trading on the exchange.

Kickcity Platform
KickCity — builds a community-based social event platform for event organizers and participants. For the past year, ‘KickCity, Inc.’ focuses on building communities around the event, providing event organizers with tools to create, promote and monetize their events. Each user has a profile and someone can invite friends to the event and enjoy personalized content.

The show industry is undergoing metamorphosis and KickCity is one of the leading companies. Several years ago, tickets were bought or sold offline. It is currently online. The new stage of event ticketing is based on social interaction. Users not only want to buy tickets, but know and interact with fellow participants before, during and after the event. Especially with the rapidly growing internet, anyone can install a processing gateway and receive tickets for events. Therefore, future event platforms will be built entirely around people. Event community — decentralized or centralized.


How Does Kickcity Work?
Each event has a marketing pool where vendors can allocate KCY tokens for gift-based marketing. Once the campaign is launched, any user can click on the event and the smart contract generates a unique link for the user.

Users can then share this link with their friends on social media and get rewards when there is a conversion (ticket sales or registration). Smart contracts track all transactions and automatically transfers gifts in a transparent manner.

Tickets can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, KCY tokens and FIAT. Most event participants have FIAT and event organizers want money. By accepting FIAT and paying prizes only in KCY tokens, KickCity will simplify FIAT to Crypto for events.

Kickcity Token (KCY)
KickCity Token (KCY) is a smart token ERC20 that implements the Bancor protocol.

The Law of David P. Reed (2 ^ N — N — 1) states that large network “utilities” can be exponentially with network size

The KickCity protocol is designed to run millions of events where each event is a subgroup with N participants. The activities of each participant and subgroup potentially benefit the entire system.

To facilitate rapid expansion and easier adoption, we will offer white label API technology for KCY integration to other event platforms

Details Of Token Sales
Token Sales Schedule1st — 31st March 2018Purchase TokenEthereum, BitcoinPrice Token1 KCY = $ 0.1Bonus5% — 15%Total Supply Token250,000,000 KCY

MembersGideon Nweze — CEO & Founder
Artem Shatilov — CMO & Product
Leonid Startsev — Service Developer
Danil Kolikov — Backend Developer
Aleksandra Bashkova — Community Manager
Maria Sarukhanova — PR Officer
Tosan Arueyingho — Marketing & Business Strategy
Chinonso Ezeudu — Co Founder & Business Development ExecutiveAdvisorEric Benz — Managing Director at Cryptopay
Sebastian Stupurac — Project & Product at WINGS DAO
Yonatan Ben Shimon — CEO & Founder at Matchpool
Andrey Yaraev — Founder at VisitRussia
George Piskov — Director at Unistream Bank
Boris Povod — Blockchain Developer at WINGS DAO
Jeremy Epstein — CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has 20 years of international marketing experience
Geoffrey Weli-Wosu — Project Lead at Domineum
John Biggs — East Coast Editor at TechCrunch


Ethereum Address: 0x2e0aE95a7871c8A38A513981904410d07DD96231