what is Galaxy eSolutions (GES) dimaksut (GES)?
Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a Global eCommerce in the designation of refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics goods, by trading goods.
Our sources update and distribute.
All business operations are handled by us,
The idea of ​​the project is creating a used electronic market. supporting the economic movement that wants to liberate the world from (electronic waste)
including an improvement process in which our technicians follow the quality protocol to ensure restoration, our factory in Shenzhen, China, using the main standards.
in Hong Kong, we operate more in 26 countries. By positioning as a 'Green' company, we immediately attract environmentally sound consumers.
To know more see our Whitepaper.

What is (ICO) GES tokens?
(ICO) Initial Coin Offering, also called Crowdsale, sells at a promo price before entering the market and is sold beyond the initial price.
to buy it required Ether. Tokens can then be used instead of Ether or to purchase products from our current NDBD e-commerce site and our new GES site in the future.
How is GES different?
We combine the Blockchain platform into one MobileFreak, where consumers and businesses can trade on their phones with other businesses. This will be a model and a direct P2P type ecosystem. Blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details of goods, transactions, and logistics on both sides.
This can overcome the issues of trust and credibility between the two parties, such as supplier quality, product ratings and quality standards, Mobile serial number to ensure genuine and non-counterfeit goods or stolen goods, and payment of goods and services.
Where and How to buy tokens?
You can buy GES tokens from GES ICO.
Then enter transaction token details, such as the amount you want to buy and you will be prompted for your public address, from where the transaction will take place.
See below for a step-by-step "How to buy GES tokens."
The token transactions and the GES ether will take place on the blockchain platform where they will be safe.
Can I purchase a GES token with another token?
No, you can not directly buy a GES token with another token. You need to use Cryptocurrency Etter to buy GES tokens, and to buy cryptocurrency ether, you can buy ether tokens on the stock such as Coinbase, Kraken, vip.bitcoin.co.id or Gemini.
Important Note: Please do not send Ether from an exchange account because you will not receive GES back to your account. Please transfer funds from the stock to your personal wallet such as MyEtherWallet and then you can buy GES tokens.


Main ICO Available | 85.5%
Pre-Sold Tokens | 3.5%
Galaxy eSolutions | 9.5%
Bounty program | 1.5%


Inventory | 35%

Working Capital | 15%

System and Blockchain Development | 20%
Overseas Fulfillment Centre | 10%
System and Site Development | 5%
O2O Development | 5%
Social Marketing and Branding | 5%
App Development | 2%

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Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating
A protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.
Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating
Our Smart Contract Auditor. Cross-Chain Distributed Storage Protocol.
Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating
A Decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform


Yuen Wong

Co-Founder & CEO
Yuen has a strong e-commerce sense and entrepreneurial initiative that gives him the ability to make the business operate in the global consumer markets. Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, E-commerce specialist.

Joe Chan

Chief Technology Officer
A technology lead, he uses new innovative ways for product development and generates data-driven strategies and results. Expertise: Technical Engineer, Coding, Online Infrastructure and Database.

Erik Hohmann

Chief Marketing Officer
Managing digital projects and campaigns and leading the digital marketing team to effectively implement the campaigns across the global markets in which we operate. Expertise: Digital Marketing, Social media, PR and communication, Global outreach.

Chris Wong

Chief Operation Officer
Chris is data-driven and handles the day-to-day operations, such as inventory management, technical user interface on our website and analysis and reporting. Expertise: Data analysis, Coding and Development, Google Analytics, User interface.


Ben Xiong


15 years of experience in programming, B.E. in software from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Architect of Seachange, Chief Architect of Yiji Pay, Co-founder and CTO of Taogushen.com, Founder of Conch Chain.

Wayne Shao


10 years of experience in management, operating and entrepreneurship, B.E. from Tsinghua University, M.S. in Columbia University, General Manager of Egholm Maskiner (China), Co-founder and COO of Taogushen.com.

Rick Wang


6 years of experience in marketing, channel development and entrepreneurship, Marketing Director of HuangCheng Technology Co. Ltd., General Manager of Zebra Environment Technology Co. Ltd.


Brian Colwell

ICO Advisor, Crypto Investor

Influencer Brian Colwell is THE specialist in Crypto, Fintech and IoT marketing and social media management. His background in financial services sales and marketing gives him an eye for producing return on investment, and Brian’s own network includes over 100,000 followers. Not only that, but Brian is connected to many other influencers and journalists.

Simon Choi

Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer

Simon, previously Head of Legal at TCL, is our advisor on all matters legal. He advises on regulatory matters for conducting ICO and using blockchain technology. He dictated our terms and conditions for our ICO.

Pranav Burnwal

Region Head at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer

Pranav is our Blockchain expert, he specializes in programming smart contracts used in blockchain technology. He is our lead developer on smart contracts and tokens that will be used in our ICO. Expertise: Blockchain, Coding, Digital Security, Online development, ICOs.

Brennan Bennett

Block Chain Technology Consultant

Brennan is a blockchain consultant, emerging tech entrepreneur and startup advisor. He specializes in HIT blockchain implementation and is a subject matter expert in biomedical informatics, clinical decision support systems, drug design and pharmacy operations.


Neil Thomas

CEO & Founder at Muzaara

Neil Thomas is a dynamic leader, who is well versed in the Asia-pacific market and global eCommerce trends. With a diverse skill set across platform, technology, marketing and a solid business and financial acumen coupled with an enthusiasm for the growth opportunities within the region, he is highly engaged and effective in driving bottom line results.

Dr. John Wong

Executive Vice Chairman
at Executives' Global Network

Dr. John Wong is known to be a very resourceful and experienced leader. He started his career as a management consultant with KMG-Byrne Management Consultants Ltd. He is currently a founding member of Rotary Club of Tamar and the Past President of the Rotary Club of Taipo.

Stanley Lee

The President at E-Commerce
Association of Hong Kong

An eCommerce entrepreneur, he started in 2006 as an eCommerce seller on international eBay platforms. He also founded Continental Global Service Limited in 2009, to provide efficient logistics and supporting facilities and services, mostly for other eCommerce sellers.

Abdulaziz Aljouf

Founder & CEO at Paytabs

Awarded by Forbes Middle East as one of the leaders inspiring and shaping the future of Saudi Arabia.

Jordan Miller

Founder at Paradigm Agency

Previously Heads of Goods in Groupon and GM in Lux Group. An Entrepreneur with several successful businesses.

Ken Wong

GM at Continental Global Service Ltd & Executive Officer at E-commerce Association of HK

Ken Wong has more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce field. Previously Business development manager in eBay

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