Expansion of Vitalbet — a guarantee that Gifcoin will succeed

GIFcoin is world’s first and foremost cryptocurrency Gambling Investment Fund. GIF is the acronym for Gambling Investment Fund. It is going to be an upgrade of VitalBet — an already functioning, regulated betting website that has recorded major successes in the betting domain. VitalBet has been recording one major success after another since 2011 and today, it is a major gambling website with all popular industry features, such as sports betting, casino, live casino, IN-play betting, eSports, etc.

Unlike almost all ICO campaigns, GIFcoin is not an idea. It is an already existing project, in the form of VitalBet, which has harvested a lot of experiences and of course achievements. Currently, VitalBet has an upward of 20,000 users and has towering presence in UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Italy, France and a few other countries.

The need for the expansion of Vitalbet

There are some major reasons for the upgrade of VitalBet:

· Currently, the betting platform, VitalBet, does not allow the use of all the major cryptocurrencies as betting options and payment methods (for withdrawals and deposits). Achieving the use of all major cryptocurrency in the site will reposition the brand and give it an edge, a niche, over other betting sites. This will attract more betters, and the more the betters on the platform, the more revenue will be generated for GIFcoin investors. And of course this will advance the use of cryptocurrency.

· Currently, VitalBet stands at the 71st place among the top 100 bookies (according to Alexa betting sites traffic ranking). However, VitalBet aims to be one of the top 15 Bookmakers worldwide leading to massive profits for the brand and those who invest in their ICO. For the records, each of the top 15 Bookmakers generates over 800 USD yearly. By expanding VitalBet, ICO investors will share the above profits with VitaBet.

· VitalBet needs to enter into the betting market of the following countries: Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Russia and others. These countries allow legal betting and nearly 65 per cent of the global online betting market lies in these countries. So it is important that VitalBet expand so as to break into these markets.

· Currently, VitalBet has no mobile app. The development of a mobile app will enable the brand to outpace its competitors.

· VitalBet needs more users so as increase the profit base for themselves and their ICO investors.

GIFcoin ICO — an opportunity for investors to grow with Vitalbet

GIFcoin is seeking investors to come on board to enable them raise funds to accomplish all the projects itemized above. To reward their ICO investors, GIFcoin has determined to share 80% of their annual net profits with them once a year. That could be up 350 million US Dollars! This reward payment for GIFcoin token owners will be automatically transferred to their ETH wallets in a transparent way that is visible to all through the platform’s Profit Share Report.













Global online sports betting market revenues — a resounding proof that the field is ripe for GIFcoin













2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

All over the world, gambling is a huge market. The revenues generated from the market in 2016 alone amounted to $484 billion. It is estimated to grow from between 3% to 3.5% per annum until 2020. Surely, investing in GIFcoin ICO opens the way to be part of this potential in the short and long term.

In 2016, the global sports betting sector recorded some $212 billion in revenues. Surely, the field is ripe…and green for GIFcoin and its Vitalbet.

Gambling market revenues (in billion $)

Global gambling















Global sports




betting market











2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Undoubtedly, sports betting is by far the largest segment of the world gambling market. From year to year, the revenue from sports betting keeps increasing sharply so much so that it is expected to grow from 44.5% in 2017 to a staggering 46% by 2020.

Vitalbet expected profit by 2020

By 2020, Vitalbet desires to be among the TOP 15 betting sites in the world, which use currencies. Vitalbet also aims to be among the TOP 3 cryptocurrency betting sites in the world. With the investments from our ICO investors, Vitalbet is very hopeful to attract:

· 300,000,000 users who will practice betting, using fiat money out of which Vitalbet is sure of no less than 1,800,000 from whom to derive revenue.

· 5,000,000 users who will practice betting using cryptocurrency out of which Vitalbet is sure of no less than 500,000 users from whom to derive revenue.

According to unofficial data, 90% of gamblers lose their bets.

Generally, Vitalbet aims to gather 2,300,000 players by 2020. Out of them, around 2,100,000 will be active annually.

Counting on experience, each of them loses around $360 per year, or approximately $30 per month. 2,100,000 players x $360 lost wagers equals $756,000,000 losses, which they have figured to be their estimated revenues.

Profit Share Distribution

There are two stages involved in the profit share distribution. The first stage involves obtaining the exact data of GIF token distribution among users. This is otherwise called ‘profit share report’. The second stage involves the sharing of the company’s profit among the token holders annually. This happens at the end of every year.

The profit share distribution process includes two stages:

The Profit Share Report process is transparent. GIFcoin will take snapshot of the Blockchain before each profit share distribution. This is to have a proof of GIF ownership by exact address. With this, all ICO investors are sure of the transparency. Before the distribution of profits,everything detail will announced in advance by mail and at the GIFcoin website.

Currently, GIFcoin is negotiating with the most popular exchanges to ensure the profit share distribution is seamless and more flexible. To this end, GIFcoin has promised to inform all token owners as soon as this feature is available for them.

GIFcoin financial administrators will transfer 80% of the VitalBet’s net profit to GIF holders annually. All the details which include date of the profit share distribution will be communicated well in advance at GIFcoin’s website and via email to users.

How will users receive the profits? Well, a Profit Share Distribution Smart Contract is put in place to distribute the profits among the token holders, according to their shares. Any payment that will ever be made will be in ETH only. The profit share will be sent to the addresses of those who own tokens.

What you can currently do with VitalBet

· Sports betting

Bet on Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey and much more!

· eSports

Bet on your favorite teams in world’s top online game tournaments.

· Virtual sports

Bet on virtual sports events — Football, Horse or Dog racing and more!

· Casino

190+ Online casino games and Live casino — Slots, Blackjack, Roulette.

Operating in over 20 countries, VitalBet is sure to succeed even more with GIFcoin proposed expansion of it.

Financial achievements of VitalBet over the last year

Perhaps you are wondering how VitalBet has fared financially over the last one year. Well, see below a summary of their most prominent KPLs. This will help you appreciate the fact that GIFcoin is walking the talk already!



Net Income


Active Users


Average Gaming Loss per Customer


Visitor-to-customer Conversion Rate


Future Betting Market Expansion

Gifcoin has engaged in a thorough market survey and has isolated 15 of the markets with the highest potential for online betting. Gifcoin hopes to break into these markets. The countries listed below do not prohibit legal, non-monopolized betting. Significantly, these countries form 65% of the global online betting market. Consequently, Gifcoin has determined to invest into these countries.

A lot will depend on how much is raised during the ICO, though, but generally, Gifcoin hopes that the ICO will be a huge success and has said the expansion would take place in the following countries successively from 2017 to 2020.

Country of Expansion

Revenue (up to $m)

Net Income (up to $m)

  • Czech Republic

2018: 14.4

2018: 7.0

2019: 25.7

2019: 16.0

2020: 36.1

2020: 25.0

  • Ireland

2018: 22.0

2018: 10.0

2019: 38.5

2019: 24.1

2020: 55.0

2020: 37.9

  • Norway

2018: 28.7

2018: 12.1

2019: 50.2

2019: 31.0

2020: 71.8

2020: 49.1

Country of Expansion

Revenue (up to $m)

Net Income (up to $m)

  • Denmark

2018: 32.4

2018: 13.2

2019: 57.6

2019: 36.1

2020: 78.1

2020: 55.7

  • Canada

2018: 35.6

2018: 14.3

2019: 62.4

2019: 38.1

2020: 89.2

2020: 60.8

  • Greece

2018: 37.8

2018: 14.7

2019: 70.2

2019: 42.1

2020: 94.2

2020: 66.9

  • Spain

2018: 42.2

2018: 16.0

2019: 73.9

2019: 44.6

2020: 105.7

2020: 71.7

  • Italy

2018: 49.8

2018: 18.1

2019: 87.2

2019: 52.2

2020: 124.7

2020: 84.3

  • Germany

2018: 60.4

2018: 22.3

2019: 105.8

2019: 63.5

2020: 151.2

2020: 102.4

  • Sweden

2018: 70.0

2018: 25.3

2019: 122.6

2019: 73.3

2020: 175.2

2020: 118.5

  • France

2018: 82.4

2018: 30.3

2019: 144.2

2019: 86.5

2020: 206.0

2020: 139.5

  • Russian Federation

2018: 87.2

2018: 32.0

2019: 154.3

2019: 99.2

2020: 220.6

2020: 151.7

  • USA

2018: 96.4

2018: 35.7

2019: 168.7

2019: 101.4

2020: 241.1

2020: 163.4

  • United Kingdom

2018: 123.3

2018: 51.1

2019: 215.8

2019: 132.5

2020: 308.3

2020: 210.8

  • Japan

2018: 171.3

2018: 83.3

2019: 299.8

2019: 190.5

2020: 428.3

2020: 297.2

The Characteristics of the global online sports betting market

Some of the features that characterize the global online sports betting market include the following:

· The market is large in size and continues to grow.

· Most sports are seasonal: for example, the FIFA world cup is seasonal and during such seasons, betting is at a record high. Betting is usually low during the summer.

· It cost huge amount to enter new markets. This is because licensing and promotion campaigns are quite costly.

· The large market share is attributed to a limited number of sports, such as soccer, horse racing, basketball, cricket, and greyhound racing.

· It is illegal to engage in sports betting in some Asian countries like China, India, Hong Kong, and South Korea. These markets are enormous.

· The entire market of sports betting is $1.5+ trillion, out of which legal betting represents less than 20% of the total revenue.


Gifcoin considers security a top priority. Gifcoin understands that customers’ information must be kept private. At the same time, customers’ money must be secure on the platform. In thisregard, Gifcoin has recorded praiseworthy achievement. Consider the facts:

• Since the platform was launched, they say categorically that they have not experienced any serious failures.

• From time to time, they undergo routine security audits. This is to be sure that the platform is one hundred per cent safe.

• Since their inception till now, not a single dollar has been lost by their any users due to hacker attacks. This is a good testimony, as a matter of fact.

• VitalBet provides honest bets without any hidden restrictions.

From the forgoing, it is reasonable to conclude that that Gifcoin has taken every necessary security measure to ensure the safety of their users’ private information as well as their money.

The share of funds under the contract leads to a profit for one distribution of funds among cardholders (by stock). All payments are made exclusively on ET. Part of the gain goes to the chip holder in the Snapshotom block. In January 2015, the beta maker website beta version was developed. In the summer of 2015, level sites are launched. In May 2017 bitokoyn was adopted as a tool for adoption, as were withdrawals. The site was launched with an initial funding allocation (ICO) in January 2018. In February 2018, the first phase of ICO began. The second phase of ICO this year will be held in March 2018.

Demonstration of liberality, $ 1,000,000 is dispensed, at an ICO cost of around 10,000,000 GIFs. All wagers for interest in the demonstration of liberality will be exchanged to the wallet after the finish of the ICO.

On the off chance that you need to take an interest in the blessing, yet you have various inquiries !? You can contact bolster by means of:


online talk at


At outdoors the liberality is allotted the token-borne sum:

Interpretation 10% — 1,000,000 GIFs (~ 100,000 USD)

Mark on 40% Bitcointalk — 4,000,000 GIF (~ 400,000 USD)

Substance and Media 20% — 2,000,000 GIFs (~ 200,000 USD)

Facebook 10% — 825.000 GIF (~ 100,000 USD)

Twitter 10% — 825.000 GIF (~ 100,000 USD)

Message 10% — 1,000,000 GIF (~ 100,000 USD)

The overview of the platform

GIFcoin covered all popular fiat payment methods in the industry (Debit/Credit Cards — VISA and MasterCard — and E-wallets — Skrill, Sofort, Paysafecard, etc.) in addition to the fact that they have added the most popular cryptocurrency namely, Bitcoin. Their aim is to encourage more bettors to come on board by allowing them, eventually, to use major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and many more.

This is an initiative that will undoubtedly contribute to the development of crytocurrencies as a worldwide instrument for payments and betting. The team has guaranteed security by integrating blockchain technology. Hence, users can be assured of maximum security thereby making the gambling experience of every user better.

Simplicity of the platform

More often than not, the design and functionality of most betting sites are complicated. This is a major concern for users. GIFcoin promises to solve this problem by launching a site that features the most attractive, the simplest designs — designs that actually help the user to enjoy the betting experience every step of the way!


The gambling market is full of competition. Gifcoin seem to realize that. They acknowledge the extremely high level of competition in online gambling, as well as the presence of many powerful, multinational bookmakers.

However, Gifcoin is standing tall among the online gambling sites. What is the proof? Well, at the moment, VitalBet is in the TOP 100 bookies (71st place), according to Alexa betting sites traffic ranking.

Nevertheless, Gifcoin is not willing to push even further up. Depending on the capital raised from the ICO, Gifcoin is planning to enter the TOP 15 bookmakers in the world by 2020. Their target is to surpass all the competitors in online gambling to become world’s most efficient platform for online betting.

GOFcoin Roadmap — well thought out in steps

· Step 1: with the end of a successful ICO, GIFcoin Legal unit plans to come up with a new joint-stock company to guarantee investors rights to shares from the new company.

· Step 2: with the end of a successful ICO campaign, GIFcoin plans a rigorous expansion of the New, trained and experienced professionals to guarantee and sustain swift growth and massive development of the project.

· Step 4: they have promised to commence work on the New Design of their site which will enable and support all the functionalities.

· Step 5: once they release the new design, the next project will the creation of the smartest and most innovative Mobile App in the history of the betting industry. With the App, they hope satisfy new and old users by giving them the best betting experience.

· Step 6: the Affiliate Program will be updated and upgraded by adding all popular Cryptocurrencies as Betting Options and Payment Methods (deposits and withdrawals). With this approach, GIFcoin will stand out as the dominant betting platform in the world with a betting niche that is spectacular. Prior to this, there will be attractive promotions and commissions in the betting domain to create massive awareness.

· Step 7: after the successful enhancement and upgrade of the betting platform, it will be time to further popularize and establish the Brand VitalBet, employing the using the most attractive and dependable marketing campaign strategies.

· Step8: while the marketing campaign is on, GIFcoin will kick-off an Advertising Campaign in strictly targeted platforms that are SOLELY dedicated for the promotion of gambling companies and betting platforms.

· Step 9: there will a deliberate movement for the application for Licenses in the most attractive countries. Most of these countries have very strict regulations and controls, but GIFcoin desires to obtain the necessary approval to enable them operate freely in such markets which by the way are already developed

· Step 10: the release of VitalBet v.2.0, an upgrade which will enable more advanced and the most appealing functionalities for betters.

· With all these steps and campaigns, GIFcoin hopes to grow exponentially. They hope to reach 100% user growth during the first month and a staggering 500% within the first six months.

Project timeline

· 01.2015: Beta version of the betting website.

· 06. 2016: Launch of the betting site —

· 05.2017: Adding Bitcoin as a payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

· 01. 2018: Launch of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) website.

· 02.2018: Beginning of the first stage of the ICO.

· 03. 2018: Beginning of the second stage of the ICO.

· 03.2018: End of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign.

· 03. 2018: Expansion of the Team.

· 03.2018

· 04.2018: Release of the updated version of the platform software with new Top-notch design and best user-friendly experience.

· Release VitalBet’s revolutionary mobile betting application for Android, iOS, and Windows.

· 05.2018: Update’s affiliate program with the most attractive conditions to smash up the competition in the industry.

· 06. 2018: Next to BTC, we will be adding the most popular cryptocurrencies as a payment method (both for deposits and withdrawals).

· 06.2018: Launch of a large-scale marketing campaign.

· 06. 2018: Beginning of an aggressive advertising campaign, using the best channels for that.

· 07.2018: Legal agreements and licenses with/ in some countries.

· 08. 2018: Launching Vitalbet 2.0 — Another amazing update of the platform with more extras and functionalities.

· 12.2018: Expected reach — 1,000,000 platform users, which will catapult us among the TOP 15 betting websites in the world.

· 12. 2018: Profit share distribution to all token holders.


in order for GIFcoin to achieve this project, VitalBet needs funds for new design, mobile app design, massive market expansion and promotions/campaigns. To realize the funds necessary for all these, the company has decided to use the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as the instrument for financing. This is because gathering capital through debt and equity appears time-consuming, expensive and very risky. With the ICO, GIFcoin hopes to realize funds in a much easier and less risky way.

To reward our ICO Investors, we are going to share 80% of VitalBet’s annual net profits with them once a year.

Answers to some questions you might ask

Why should I Invest?

The potential investment returns GIFcoin offers is promising. For one thing, 80% of VITALBET’s annual profit will be shared with all GIF token holders annually. Why annually and not quarterly? you might ask. Well, quarterly seems better, and GIFcoin admits that. However, they believe that by the end of the first year, they want to be sure all their investors are rewarded with massive profits. And to achieve that, they intend to use the a major part of the funds they realize during the ICO to develop the platform to an enviable standard.

How am sure GIFcoin will succeed?

Well, GIFcoin is already a success! It is backed by a fully operational betting website with over 20,000 users all over the world.

How do I receive profits?

Holders of the GIFcoin token will be rewarded with payment rewards which will be automatically delivered to their ETH wallet where their GIFcoin token are.or GIFcoin token owners will be delivered automatically to the ETH wallet where your GIFcoin tokens are.

What ETH compatible wallets are recommended?

They recommend you to use MetaMask (Chrome browser addon) or MyEtherWallet (no download needed).
GIFcoin do not recommend that you use any of the following wallets: Do not use any of the following wallets to Jaxx, Exodus, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, GIFcoin has also warned participants not to send funds using the above Bitcoin or Ethereum exchanges.

Can I resell my GIFcoin token ERC-20?

The answer is yes! GIFcoin tokens are resellable. Similarly, you can choose to transfer your tokens to ERC-20 supporting wallets/exchanges wallets.

What is the least investment amount in Ethereum?

You will need at least 0.1 Ethereum to participate in the GIFcoin ICO. Note that you cannot buy the GIFcoin token using fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. You can only use ETH to participate.

What then happens to the GIFcoin tokens not distributed during ICO?

The answer to that question is clear from the GIFcoin teal: such tokens not distributed during the ICO will be destroyed (or burned).

Can I use GIFcoin tokens in the most popular exchanges now?

At the moment, no, but soon enough, this will be possible because GIFcoin is currently negotiating with the most popular exchanges. The prospects of using the GIFcoin tokens in popular exchanges seem bright, and this is very likely to start immediately after the ICO. As soon as the ICO ends, however, the GIFcoin tokens can be used on VitalBet platform

ICO — Fundamentals

ICO Period

Begins February 22, 2018

GIF Token Price

1 ETH = 10 000 GIF

GIF Tokens



GIF Token

15% at Pre-Sale ICO launch



Ethereum (ETH) ONLY


GIF Token Rights

Profit share distribution

Official ICO


ICO — GIF Token Distribution

A total of 300.000.000 GIF tokens will be generated, including 20.000.000 to conduct a Pre-ICO +30% Bonus (6.000.000), and 240.000.000 to conduct an ICO. Another 24.000.000 will be shared between the founders of the GIF token, while the remaining 10.000.000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, and PR pools. The unsold GIF that will be created for sale during the pre-ICO and ICO will be destroyed. GIF tokens are not mined by users or any

· GIF Tokens will be issued by the GIF Token contract on the Ethereum Blockchain; the contract will utilize the ERC20 interface, a standard that has been recognized for tokens. Eventually, this will bring about the easy incorporation of the GIF cryptocurrency with different exchanges and wallets.

· Every investor will be allowed their bough GIF Tokens and a 15% bonus during the pre-sale.

· After buying the tokens, the distribution will immediately take place. The bought Tokens will be distributed into investors’ ETH wallet.

· To ensure that the company does not receive any bonuses, the GIF owned by the company will be locked.


· Bank — 20.8%

· Advertising — 50%

· Marketing — 16.7%

· Management — 4.2%

· Legal — 8.3%

After a successful ICO campaign and reaching the hard cap (24,000 ETH ~ $24,000,000), $1,000,000 will be used to update GIFcoin’s platform and create a mobile application for best user experience. $4,000,000 will be used for a marketing campaign. $12,000,000 will be used for an aggressive advertising campaign. $5,000,000 will be added to the existing bank — operational money. Finally, a total of $2,000,000 will be expended for legal agreements in different countries.

The GIFcoin team

· Kasimir Popov: founder/CEO; owner of over 50 gambling project.

· Svetoslav Dimitrov branding expert; social media marketing & PR.

· Trifon Boyukliyisky marketing expert; PPC specialist and online advertising and PR.

· Zhivko Nikolov blockchain developer.

· And many more…

The Inspiring Story of GIFcoin — from the beginning

GIFcoin was born in 2011 with a small team made up of a web designer, an SEO master, a PPC expert,

and a programmer. The team decided against a studio for web design and marketing. The team, small as it was, opted, instead, for projects related to affiliate marketing. Starting with an Amazon affiliate, they went through pills affiliate programs, software affiliates, as well as other affiliate programs.

However, after a profound analysis of the affiliate market, they discovered that betting and gambling is the most profitable affiliate programs. This came after quite a bit of time of experience in the affiliate programs domain. Consequently, they determined and succeeded in creating betting and casino catalogs in which to feature bookmakers and gambling platforms. This business venture started in Bulgaria, a country with several betting and casino catalogs.

Within the first three months, they generated revenues that far exceeded what they generated from their Amazon affiliates which by the way were already established. This was the eye opener; the turning point that redirected the team to channel all their resources and energies into the betting niche. From that point, it was one success story after another. They expanded into the U.K market with betting affiliate catalogs. Every month, there was a massive increase, not only in the number of catalogs, but in the number of countries. With these growths came massive profits — and most importantly, experience!

Although they have achieved more than they bargained for, they still decided to do research on how to be owner of a bookie. In 2014, they sought professional advice in this regard. The help of the company they chose was amazing. They learned from the company where to obtain license and how to sustain the business.

The first month of their betting website — — was quite challenging. They had few clients although they had engaged in promotions in their betting catalogs. Little by little, they learned from mistakes and began massive promotions with the appropriate strategies for advertising, branding and targeting.

Then after a few months, things started falling into place. Things started to happen in ways that they had never imagined. Within four months, they gathered over 5,000 active users. In 2017, they realized that cryptocurrency was expanding so they added Bitcoin to their site. Now, their-clients can use Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency for deposit and withdrawal and even bet with it.

With the success of Bitcoin, the team became galvanized to do more in integrating blockchain technology. Now, with their release of ICO, the chance is open for the public for investment into this brand that has grown from the grassroots. The experience they have gathered over the years is a plus on their side and since they have seen the worst days during their start up, their success is almost a guarantee.

A summary of the GIFcoin Project


Undoubtedly, most ICOs sell only ideas. In this regard, GIF is different. Their dedicated team has worked hard to create a real working project — this is a functioning betting platform with over 20,000 active users in many countries around the world.


VitalBet is seeking massive expansion and upgrade. The power of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will help them grow this betting business and share the profits with every investor.


They are kick starting a rigorous marketing campaign that is aimed at expanding the brand and customer base. This will come with juicy profits which they are ready to share with investors.


Their site is already in place. it is not an idea that is being hatched and nursed. It is ready to be promoted and advertised and they have promised to use the best advertisement strategies and platforms available in the industry. Our Betting site is ready to get advertised, using the best strategies and channels in the industry.


Currently, the platform is gaining popularity and the audience is growing rapidly. Even on new country markets, their audience is growing following a successful campaign.


Every GIF token holder will be rewarded with part of VitalBet’s profits. This profits is sure to come because as stated earlier, the platform has been existing and it is growing rapidly.

To be frank, GIFcoin ICO campaign is one of a sort: others have ideas. They have an already working, profit-making project. Being part of its expansion will mean more user-clients and with more users come more profits for your investment.


Vitalbet ICO campaign is very different from most ICO campaigns. Vitalbet is not an idea; it is an already existing platform seeking investors’ support to expand and reach new frontiers. It is logical to conclude that since they have recorded significant successes already, they are most likely to walk the talk, having gathered a lot of experience in the gambling domain. Their promise to share 80% of their yearly revenue with their ICO investors is most promising.

If you are interested in investing in their ICO, please visit their website to get more details regarding the project. They have announced that whether or not they able to raise the entire targeted fund through the ICO, they are going ahead with the expansion and upgrade of the site. That is encouraging news.

Apparently, Gifcoin is different. With Gifcoin, the time for empty promises is over. It is time for you invest in real token having a genuine project that is piloted by a team of professionals. The good part about it is that the company has been in existence. Hence, participating in their ICO will enable investors to be part of a growing business.

No more empty promises. Invest in real token with a real project that is managed by a professional team of industry experts.

GIF token holders will receive 80% of VitalBet’s annual profits once a year.

For further information about GIFcoin, please read their whitepaper on








ETH: 0x2e0aE95a7871c8A38A513981904410d07DD96231