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Cash bag is a cash back system based on the crypto-currency system. The main aim of the cash back system is to provide the customers and online shoppers with a reward while they purchase goods and services. It also helps the online shoppers to save money through the effective programs. The customer or the online shopper can download the app as they are available for both Android and desktop platform. Once the users install it, they can save the money while purchasing. The services and facility provided by the cash bag are based on the blockchain technology. So, the record of transactions automatically gets recorded.

The purpose of the token sale is to enable instant settlement of cash back rewards by leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain for settlement. There are several distinct advantages to implementing ERC20 tokens for instant settlement, including the lowered cost of operations, immutable record keeping and global reach and adoption.

CashBag is creating the CBC Token (CashBag Coin) which is used to reward member for transacting through the platform and enable advertisers to instantly rewards members for approved transactions.Customers earn the CBC tokens by engaging with advertising and transaction online.

Advertising services are sold through the redemption of tokens. These tokens are earned by the member who transacts with merchants through the platform.

How Does CashBag Work?
CashBag depicts itself as “something beyond a prizes site.” Instead, it’s “a device” that enables customers to spare cash on practically every online buy. You can download the application today and begin shopping on Android or work area frameworks. An iOS application is propelling sooner rather than later.

CashBag gains income by banding together with many traders around the world. These shippers all consent to share income in light of exchange salary produced by CashBag online customers. By specifically incorporating with retailers, CashBag can report exchanges progressively, giving moment cashback investment funds to its individuals.
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CashBag will pay it’s member incentives using an incentives ratio, currently 10:1 (one tenth dollar value equivalent in CBC to each dollar cash back earned). This incentives will be funded from profits and purchased on the open market.


Token sale starts on March 12th 2018. The tokens can be used in many commend-user end-user apps. The coins are referred as CBC tokens, short for CashBag coins. The presale is open right now. 40% bonus is available during presale. The first week starting from 12th of March 2018, entitles you to 20% bonus. The second week and third the week of token sale comes with 15% and 10% bonuses. Devoid of any bonus the price equation stands 6000 tokens per ETH. The CBC coins can be used for trading, advertising costs, transactions, card payments, wallet payments, rewards and more.

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