Hello guys. I want to discuss a project with its concept related to quantum technologies tending to solve related problems in this field. As stated, the name of this project is Quatum 1Net. First let us look into the problem on ground. The advancement of innovation is all data put away in the PC condition. An encryption technique called RSA is utilized to keep data on the PC secure. RSA is the name of the secret key strategy found in 1977 by Ron Rives, Adi Shamir and Leonard Aldeman. As observed from the name of this program, it comprises of the initials of the author’s family name. RSA cryptographic platform is 40 years old, “RSA is a powerful coding method for solving security issues when transferring data to networks in electronic media.” This RSA cryptographic platform works well to protect the Internet and digital communications every day and what makes RSA feel a bit in jeopardy is the emergence of hackers who make use of calculations and other forms of encryption that, without knowing that it makes it easier for hackers to get tools to complete the RSA mechanism.

How does Quantum 1Net solves this?
Quantum 1net has simply composed an extremely secure item so you don’t need to stress now or later on about the security of your information. This project presents an unparalleled level of specialized development, joined with client associated framework configuration to give security, convenience, and extreme genuine feelings of serenity. Quantum1net is developing new solutions to this problem for both current and future tasks. 
Quantum1net implements quantum mechanics, which enables generating numerical numerical sequence sequences that are at the base of quantum-key generators (QEKG).
In this case, Quantum1net provides secure storage and transfer for all of us, while providing the complexity of generating cryptographic keys that are not possible in the traditional way, but can protect data even from quantum computers. So in short, Quantum 1Net has developed new solutions for RSA tasks and provides safer and faster data storage and transfer, but it is not easy for hackers to be irresponsible, as Quantum1net uses Quantum Technology’s new quantum technology, which is Quantum Encrypted Key Generation (QEKG) that will make the owner feel satisfied, fast and most importantly, safe from hacker intrusions.

What are Quantum computers?
Quantum computers are computers which will harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks. Quantum computers have the potential to perform certain calculations significantly faster than any silicon-based computer. Quantum computers are considered more developed than ordinary computers as these are able to exploit the unique features of the microscopic world, entanglement, and superposition to make the calculation more accurate and effective. Also as stated earlier, they are able to accomplish the task in a few minutes and hours that the most developed tools will take billions of years to finish. As these are more developed, it makes difficult for the professionals to find out the best solution to combat the threat. 
In conclusion, Quantum 1 net has created a new and proven solution for the RSA problems. It will offer faster and safer storage and transfer and the hackers will not be able to use your data.

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