PROPERTY COIN is offering an opportunity to invest in the fund backed by the real estate. The assets are managed by the institutional fund managers having years of experience. Utilising the power of data science and blockchain technology, they are creating an opportunity for the secure investment for the people. Backed by the real estate technology and investment company and fix and flip strategy, they are offering a 50% of profit sharing opportunity to investors. The transparency and the trust of the platform is one of the core features which can bring investors to the table. They believe that people are always going to need houses to live.
Property Coins are an exclusive key to the entry in token supported by a diversified and professionally managed and diversified portfolio of real estate loans not found using Aperture's technology platform.

"The Property Coin is changing the Aperture team's collective experience with our unique technology platform. As a result of this exciting combination, we have developed a tested beta property investment model, "said Matt Miles, co-CEO of Aperture.

Aperture is a technology of Real estate and investment that depends on commitment, rehabilitation, and placement of depressed housing and loans to smaller investors with the same strategy. In other words, Aperturefaat Aperture is intended to reinvest 50% of the profits of new real estate investments related, with a view to creating PCX effects.

So far these companies are already their business partners and are expected to be involved in closing more than $ 150 billion of real estate financing transactions, inflation of more than 3,000 properties, from more than $ 10 billion in mortgage loans and preloading preliminary technology on new stock deals in the world.

Although Property Coins are focused on the US real estate market, it is available for purchase by investors from around the world, and if future property market conditions are in line, Aperture will look to invest in the global property market.

How does it work?

Aperture will invest 100% of the net proceeds from Coin Property Coins in real estate properties and loans through purchasing has entity Coin Property (PCX, LLC and its affiliates).
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Each Property Coins holder will have a fractional percentage of all assets in the Coin Property purchase entity (PCX, LLC and its affiliates). The coin holders are also entitled to get 50% of the net profit from these property and loan investments. Aperture will reinvest those profits on a new related real estate investment, with a view to creating a natural price appreciation effect for the coin holders.

Property Coins incorporate traditional securitization technology into a coin format, and are created in conjunction with one of the most respected law firms in the field of structured finance.

We plan to raise up to $ 50 million to be invested in property and loan investment opportunities identified and evaluated by our proprietary tools related to the expertise of our experienced team.

Property coin Token
To create the required platform and technology, they need people’s support. There is 21 million PROPERTY COIN in which only one million is reserved for the ICO.

The ICO is scheduled to start from 26th February 2018 and continue until 23rd April 2018. Various percentages of bonus exist on the different ICO Dates.Purchase of Property Coins can be made at the following discount rates, at the following time described below:Feb 26 — March 11, 2018 20% discountMarch 12 — March 25, 2018 discount 15%26 March — 8 April 2018 discount Aprilpril 9 — April 22, 2018 5% discountOn or after the date of April 23, 2018 full price.

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