Introducing to you a banking Platform that is more concerned with Users than with similar banking, which puts the user first priority over the profit. We will combine the sophistication of the current Blockchain technology with the Sharia Banking system that is more concerned with the users, because as you know that the Sharia banking system is recognized by the world.

Since its first appearance, Blockchain comes by offering fast and secure online transactions and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. In its development, Blockchain is growing and pushing the revolution in the financial sector. According to Market data, Blockchain Market estimates will increase from year to year and will be even greater, in line with the banking revolution they created.

In line with this, Hada DBank is present to answer all challenges to embrace the era of the digital economy is increasingly inevitable. With such support, We will confidently make a meaningful change for millions of people. By creating a Platform that will enhance your experience in the world of Sharia digital banking even better.

Because, We recognize that today's banks are beginning to ignore users and only focus on their profits by raising high-interest rates to users, and it is very unreasonable for us because true users do not have to mess it up, otherwise the user should be more attentive and we find more both in the Sharia and Blockchain systems, we already know that these two systems will benefit the users and the Platform itself.

Reasons We prefer the Sharia banking system because this system is more transparent and better to the users than the normal banking system. Because users will know where their money will be invested by banks and also the Islamic banking system further minimize the use of interest on every transaction they do. Shariah banking system is less risky and also more resistant to financial shock compared to similar banks because the Islamic banking financial system has various types of fund deposits and also the banking financial system is well controlled by the user.

With secure and fast blockchain technology, We will create a Shariah banking platform based on Blockchain technology that will accommodate every need of your banking, and certainly more concerned about you. We are also developing some features that will accommodate your banking needs, such as Free Encrypted Account & e-Wallet, Saving & Withdrawal, Transfer, Remittance & Exchange, Loan & Investment, and Real-Time Payment. You can transact more safely and quickly with the Free Encrypted Account & e-Wallet that We provide, so that every transaction you make is safer because with support from Blockchain Technology we use. You can also save and withdraw funds with a Minimum 5% savings return per annum and no deductions on each withdrawal. Any Transfers, Remittance & Exchange you do will not be charged with Blockchain Technology, so you can trade more freely and definitely safer. The loan you requested will also not be subject to interest and 10% minimum investment return. Your payment will also be faster with Real-Time Payment technology using HADACoin and other Cryptocurrencies / Tokens through our Debit Card.

With all these features, we are also developing a program that will record all your transaction activities, remind you of bills etc, and prepare any long-term planning you want, We call this program by the name of HUDA BOT.

Token Sales - Join Opportunity

With this opportunity, we invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Coin under the name “HADACoin”, here is the data.


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