Need TestNet Coin?

Krumblez said:

xeohash said:

If you need testnet coin's post your test address. I will message the Dev's in #slake to send you coins!


#slake :rofl:

Damn spell checker... :laughing:

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ION 3.0 Masternodes changes

In ION 3.0, masternodes require a slightly different setup. The main change is that masternodes must now reside on a remote server and be started from a local server. While this system does require the use of two wallets, the local/remote approach has some advantages. First, the local wallet can be the Qt wallet (desktop wallet) which features user-friendly improvements making it much easier to edit the masternode.conf and the ioncoin.conf from the wallet itself. The local wallet only needs to be on when issuing the command to start masternodes. Second, since the remote masternodes do not hold any coins, your valuable coins are not vulnerable to theft, even if someone were to attack the remote node. No coins are stored on the remote node. Finally, since the local wallet can be turned off as soon as the masternodes are launched, it is possible to protect your coins from network-based attacks.

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