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Luckygames.pro - provably fair ION online casino - Faucet|Jackpot|Contests and more!


2 BTC Wagering Contest

Wagering Contest with 2 BTC Prize Pool has been started and will last for 27 days. Follow the Contests page for real-time leaderboard!

1st Place - 0.60 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
2nd Place - 0.40 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
3rd Place - 0.30 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
4th Place - 0.20 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
5th Place - 0.16 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
6th Place - 0.12 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
7th Place - 0.10 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
8th Place - 0.06 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
9th Place - 0.04 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
10th Place - 0.02 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND


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The ION Platform

New Life for Ionomy Atoms with ION Improvement Proposal White Paper

TGIF Atom Owners

ION Improvement Protocol voting is underway! The Core Teams IIPs are discussed briefly in the draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper showing new Atom usage and voting information about ION Core IIPs.


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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

ION Improvement Proposal WildonION-Node-Responsibility

The KEY WORD for Wild's Depot AI Experiment is "draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper". The KEY HUMAN Assets are:

Mr. Onion
Mr. Coins
Mr. Korvas
Mr. Pisonic
ION Community members
BITCOIN members
Public (All over the World)

Draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper:

ionomy Ecosystem White Paper in BITCOINTALK ION Thread:

ionomy Ecosystem White Paper (Public):

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Buy, Sell, Trade

ION Expansion

ION R & D Project

Visit Wild's Depot at http://invite.wildsdepot.com to make comments on the ION Ecosystem draft white paper being sponsored by Wild's Depot research and development team.


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Where to Trade

Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Ionomy Studios NEXT Game

@xeohash When is the Formal Release of the Car Racing Game that Ionomy Studios is Producing to the PUBLIC?

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Do you have an issue?

Workflow Defects of New ION Ecosystem White Paper by ION R & D Team

Is WildonION doing all the "Wild's Depot Experiment** paper work?
Send IONs to Mr. C?
Send BTC to Mr. Coins
Send "Dark Matter" to ION_Huey. :100: Smiley
When is "Dark Matter" airdrop?
Who gets :"Dark Matter" airdrop?

topic=1443633.msg43212562#msg43212562distribution - Mr. Oion wants
Is ION_Huey a System Engineer?
Is Mr. OnION the System Test Director?bolded text _Mr. OnION wants 20K IONs? for ionomy System Test Director https://i.gyazo.com/08e42ecc3be866c273afcbda51da2679.gif ION_Huey is Chief Strategist of ionomy? Adam Matlack is Chief Strategist of ionomy LTD Where to store ionomy Experiment Data, https://www.BITCOIN.com/ or https://www.ION.COMMUNITY @Korvas128 I need ionomy Whale to verify this message Please? Smiley ionomy Wild's Depot AI Experiment LIVE System Test Completed! THANK YOU for usage of BITCOIN & ION COMMUNITY Forum SYSTEMs. ION_Huey needs to DONATE 5 ION Masternodes to ""ION FOUNDATION" !!! **Wild's Depot TEST REPORT and results COMING SOON @Korvas128 I need an ionomy Whale to verify this message Please?

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Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

A small overview of the robot vacuum cleaners Roomba

I found another good review about the robot vacuum cleaner Eufy robovac

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Latest ICO Info

Empirehotels improve booking efficiency and payment of hotel transactions

Every day we use a large number of things that are increasingly entering the new line of Internet things, that is, having a built-in IoT sensor. It can be anything: a coffee machine, TV, audio system, and other electrical devices that can do anything remotely. There are people whose homes are equipped with such devices and as a rule they are collectively called smart home systems. One takes this knowledge seriously, and one does not imagine his life without it.

alt text

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a world without digital technology. They are all around us. Most of them are involved in data collection, which can then be used in everyday life for decision making, and in business to solve important problems.

Thus, thanks to information collected from digital devices, ordinary users can be more competent in distributing their work time and leisure time. And the company will be able to make the correct report, to examine prospects for a particular product and to calculate several other important parameters for adoption of the decision.

Empire Hotels is a platform based on the blockchain and has advanced features in the hotel system, in other words, this platform will provide tourists, tourists the opportunity to book hotel rooms, a distinctive feature in the project, it’s fast, simple and the most important easy way to check-in / check-out, this project can easily support automation in the hotel system. Empire Hotels will also create a mobile application that can offer features such as check-in and out, bill renewal, room temperature control, hot tub heating, and others with the aim is to improve efficiency regardless of cultural or language differences. Has the ability to facilitate booking and payment of cross-border hotel transactions.

alt text

Empire Hotels Features

Simple, easy and fun.
Users can browse hotels and experience nearby. They can also order using fiat and EMPIRECASH – our digital assets.

A truly empowering hotel.
Although there are no fees for registration, small fees – the smallest on the market – are added to each transaction to make this platform feasible. Affordable costs for owners; lower prices for users.

Revolutionizing the Developer Hospitality Industry.
We handle every small step during the application development process. We really want to give our users the best experience.

The service interface will be available to customers via the mobile app for Android and iOS, with a full operational 1.0 launch scheduled for December 2018 launch (and the next launch of the payment platform in February 2019).

How does it work?

Empire Hotels has created a mobile application that offers features such as check-in and out, renewal of charge bills, room temperature control, hot tub heating and more – with the main goal of being able to improve efficiency regardless of cultural or language differences.And the ability to facilitate booking and payment of cross-border hotel transactions.

Vision Empire Hotels

Our Vision for the Future is a supportive ecosystem where all users and companies have the opportunity to truly utilize transparency and eradication of structures with high commissions from a typical online ordering platform. In addition, Empire Hotels seeks to simplify actual transactions and significantly reduce security risks, because all data will be decentralized and traceable, allowing customers to feel truly safe.

EmpireCash (EMPC) is EmpireHotels official cryptocurrency. Therefore tokens will guarantee ZERO-FEE bookings when using an easy-to-use platform that facilitates APIs for integration with EmpireEcosystem and partners.

EmpireCash is a payment token, which is used as a media exchange between service providers and customers on the EMPIRE HOTELS platform. This can also be purchased at the sale atken, which starts in February 2019. The price of the base per EMPIRE CASH is \ (1 \ more than 7800) ETH (, 0000,000128205 ETH). From the initial participants of the Sales Token, they are entitled to receive a bonus.

Protocol: ERC20
Purchase methods: BTC, ETH, LTC
Max coin supply – 900 Million Tokens
1 EMPC = 0.000036672 ETH = 0.0000011616 BTC


First Draft of the Idea
November 2017
The first idea for the app and the platform was designed. Even though this idea has changed over time, it was in November 2017 that we first discussed the development of this project.

Smart-Contract Design
March 2018
The smart-contract development and audit is a crucial stage in the process of an ICO. During this stage, the crypto-economics, figures, and supply were defined.

Whitepaper Development
March 2018
The whitepaper describes the technology and the features of our apps and platform, as well as the plans for the future.

Website + Dashboard Development
June 2018
The website and dashboard for the wallet was developed using the most modern technologies, and was repeatedly tested on many different devices.

ICO Phase
Commenes in January 2019
The ICO Phase will commence in January 2019 and will be split into three parts: Pre-ICO (pre sale), Phase 1, and Phase 2.

App Launch for Android and iOS
April 2019
The first version of the app will not be beta; it will be fully operational. This version will have all the features enabled from day one and will be updated over time.

July 2019
This feature, scheduled for July 2019, will provide a tool for users to pay via contactless using their phones, whilst withdrawing from their available EmpireCash coins.

alt text

We also have trusted partners
alt text

Exchanges Where You Can Find Us
alt text

That’s all I can explain, want more about this project, please visit the link below:

Website: https://www.empirehotels.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.empirehotels.io/docs/en/whitepaper-en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/empirehotelsapp
Telegram https://t.me/empirecash
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empirehotelsapp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/empirehotelsapp
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsSnBBk4StaGk1hsu-SQeVw
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/empire-hotels-app


Forum Username : oli2tak
Forum Profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2103005
wallet address : 0xdC519330E1a23cFFb9C4BFd335e05E4e87fAcA2b

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