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ION CORE 3.0 is here, Hard Fork Scheduled!

Fork Delayed pending Core Dev Update!

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Those Other Coins - No ICO's Please...

Streamity — new P2P exchange — review

How to change crypto currencies into FIAT is a question gives many sleepless nights. Whole process is not only difficult but often risky and expensive due to high commission fees. Streamity promises to make crypto-fiat exchange easy and painless. Sounds promising isn’t?

Project description

Streamity idea is pretty easy to explain — to build up a platform where users (peers) can exchange fiat and crypto currency. They want to make it with a maximal security, minimal fees and fully functional mobile application. Steamity’s plan, beside the exchange, is to build a knowledge sharing platform about investments in crypto. Streamity.org will contain of not only analyzes but also training courses and ready-made solutions for trading. At least, that’s the plan, cause beta version will be released by the end of crowd sale.

A scheme for a currency exchange. Whole scheme and explanation you can find on Streamity website.
Website & white paper

There is not many things I could write about the website. Simple, informative, includes all needed information. Minimum graphic and no fancy animation, but with video introduction about the project.



White paper explains much more of the project goals and features than the website. Inside, you can find some charts and graphical explanations. Beside the white paper Streamity team prepared so called one-pager — a pocket version with the most important information.

White paper:



Consist of experts with business and IT background. Beside, project attracted some advisers mainly specialized in smart-contracts and block-chain. Almost all of the team members have a profile on Linked In. More details about the team below:


DAPP StreamDesk − P2P-platform of cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange by means of smart contracts with no…

It’s just a part. Whole team you’ll find here: https://streamity.org/en/#team

Streamity released 180 000 000 tokens based on ERC20 protocol called STM.

Unsold tokens won’t be burned as is a common practice. Streamity team wants to keep it for their own usage. A bit greedy is also holding 25% of released tokens for a team. There is no information about team tokens freezing for couple months, so if they will decide to sell even a part just after the ICO, it can shake the token price. 70% of tokens are committed for ICO, 3% are booked for reward program (very likely for a bounty), and 2% is goes to advisers.

From the collected funds, 40% will be given for a platform development, which is fair enough, as Streamity doesn’t have a ready-made project. 25% will be spend on advertisement (most likely it’ll be just the top of the iceberg of marketing costs), 25% is a reserved capital for company usage, 10 % are predicted for an audit and finance costs. Depending on company needs share numbers can be changed.

For today (15.03) Streamity already collected 3,8 millions USD. Project soft cap team estimated for 0,5 millions USD and hard cap for 20 millions. With the actual crypto-currency crisis it’s not a bad result.



As I wrote before project is just on early development stages. In nearest future the StreamDesk is going to be released. In the mid-spring, when ICO will be over team is planning to launch the educational part of their project — crypto knowledge database. Crypto currency converter is planned for a winter this year. In a second half of 2019 mobile application will be released and by the end of a next year, investment resource will be launched.



Streamity has an impressive list of crypto media which spread (past) the word about them. Also like they attracted some crypto-orientated ranking pages, receiving mostly positive review.

Streamity gained a middle size community:

3874 followers on Twitter, telegram channel members: 3669. I cannot say it’s bad but there is still something to work on.

PROs and CONs


· Streamity promises small commission — from 0 to 2% depending on purchased package. On their website you can see the comparison with another p2p exchanges like for example changelly. Below you can see the print screen

· Streamity has an experienced team and advisors

· Project is well described and whitepaper shows that the team knows their goals and the way to achieve them.

· Streamity already collected 3,8 millions USD.


· Project is just on early stage of the development. It’s hard to predict the final result.

· A lot of tokens for a team usage. Again it’s hard to predict how they will act with it.

· Middle hype (rather small community).

To receive more information about the project check links below:







Actual price for STM tokens: 1ETH = 3000 STM

Bonus: 15%

Crypto Hare

View the profile of 44_crypto

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Get up to speed

New Partnership Coming to Ionomy Studios

Kasey Kahne Racing (KKR), a World of Outlaws (WoO) team, announced today the addition of ionomy to their roster of team sponsors. ionomy will serve as the co-primary sponsor for 37 races on the #9 car driven by WoO championship driver Daryn Pittman. The 39-year-old Oklahoma native finished fourth in the WoO point standings in 2017.

New to sprint car racing, ionomy is developing the future of gaming. They are the first game studio to design games that incorporate the ION digital currency. The ionomy platform also provides additional services to introduce new users to cryptocurrency with methods to secure and grow their digital wealth.

Source: http://kaseykahneracing.com/kasey-kahne-racing-signs-partnership-with-ionomy/

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The ION Platform

Ionomy Ltd. Announces Power Grid, a Comprehensive Suite of Digital Currency Management and Game Monetization Services


Delivering a comprehensive suite of powerful business solutions to game developers, a new dimension to games, and a compelling value to investors.

VICTORIA – August 18, 2017, ionomy Ltd. announces Power Grid, a comprehensive suite of digital currency management and game monetization services for game developers, gamers, and investors.

Power Grid represents a massive expansion of ionomy’s established business model, building on the success of ionomy.com investor tools and game integration, opening these services to outside developers.


ionomy uses digital currency technology to add new dimension to gameplay. By monetizing games with Power Grid services, independent developers and game studios produce titles that stand out from the crowd. Power Grid makes it easy for game developers to thrive by simplifying game development, from funding to marketing, and monetizing games through digital currency integration.


Few game developers or studios have everything they need to be successful. Jumpstart fills in the gaps to them to achieve their vision. At its base, Jumpstart is a funding platform. More broadly, it connects game developers with a community of investors, players, and marketers.


The Lightning API enables the ION Advantage for freemium games: cash-like tournament prizes, discounts, and unified multi-platform gamer accounts. Gamers compete to win ION, grow it, trade it for monetary value, or spend it on more gaming fun. Game developers who enter into full Lightning partnerships with ionomy may even be eligible for complete subsidization of substantial tournament rewards to incentivize sustained gameplay.


Thunder enables developers of premium games to tokenize their in-game currencies on the ION blockchain, and sets up exchanges where these tokens can be sold. By monetizing in-game currency with Real Money Trade, Thunder sends a clear message that there’s real value in playing these games.


The Spark Ad Network delivers BTC payouts 12x faster than other networks. Digital currency means fewer hands in the till — so more money gets to the people who contribute real value. Spark is also a great choice for advertisers, offering a low cost solution to reach to valuable global demographics. Spark Analytics helps fine tune ad campaigns. Integration with ionomy means that developers who want to cross-promote their games can do so easily.


ionomy services for investors have been making it safe and easy for investors of any scale to grow their ION assets. Adding Alchemy to the Power Grid adds multicurrency financial services, making ionomy.com the place to invest, convert, and manage many forms of digital wealth. Web wallets, hosted masternodes, and dynamic exchanges let users store, grow, and trade ION, BTC, Dash, Pivx, ETH, LTC, NEO, and more. And, of course, in-game currencies. From any device.


Dark Matter is the newest asset in the ION ecosystem, and the first Thunder token on the ION chain. With a low initial supply, it is intrinsically deflationary due to a graduated burn rate: a portion of Dark Matter is destroyed with every transaction. As transactions increase, the burn accelerates — making the Power Grid a potent particle accelerator.


ionomy.com is a new digital entertainment and investment platform built around the ION coin, a digital currency. By integrating ION and ION based tokens into mobile gaming and closely tying it to a user friendly platform, ionomy cultivates games with staying power and makes it easy for new users to enter the world of cryptocurrency at their own pace.

The mobile gaming market is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. Players come for the fun of gaming, and stick around when they discover the opportunity to earn rewards of real world value.

Visit ionomy.com or join the developer and user community at Discord.

Questions? (844) 237-2721

Source: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ionomy-power-grid/

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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

How to make a masternode?

hexoli said:

Do you have a tutorial on how I can set up a masternode?

Hi Hexoli, here is a good place to start: http://ionomy.wiki/index.php?title=Masternode

Will you be hosting it yourself or hosted services?

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Buy, Sell, Trade

Ionomy - Daryn Pittman #9 Car Merch.


ionomy 9
ionomy Studios is a proud sponsor of the KKR Number 9 car driven by World Of Outlaws (WoO) champion, Daryn Pittman. For 37 races, Pittman’s sprint car will display ION and ionomy logos. The talented KKR team will represent both ION (digital currency) and ionomy Studios (mobile gaming company) on dozens of tracks and along each highway they travel on their way to races across the U.S.

Daryn Pittman and team KKR have the perfect swag for you.

Show your support and wear it proud!









All items above can be purchased here:

Thanks again for your support!


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ION Expansion

Masternode Comparison site

Good Job on the website... It is a very nice tool for investors to use to compare different properties of current mastersnodes in the crypto community.

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Where to Trade

Binance Offers $250,000 Bounty For Arrest of Hackers

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is offering a $250,000 equivalent bounty on the arrest of the hackers involved in the March 7th incident, Binance stated in an announcement March 11.

According to the announcement, the first person to supply the information that results in a legal arrest, in any jurisdiction, will receive the bounty in Binance Coin (BNB), which is traded and used on the Binance exchange. If there are multiple sources of information that lead to the final arrests, the bounty may be split between sources.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/binance-offers-250000-bounty-for-arrest-of-hackers

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Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Congrats to the Top 10 Winners (The Moon Or Bust) 3/12/2018

Congrats to the Top 10 Winners in last weeks (The Moon Or Bust) Tournament. New users on the leader board this past week!

shaoy69 - $150 SweatShopSlave - $110 Donny12342169 - $75 TRN - $50 borneo - $40 TheWolfOfCrypto - $25 Shocker - $20 Sabber - $15 Atan - $10 ion99137 - $5


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Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

Rich get Richer - Trillion Dollars for World's Wealthiest in 2017

Max and Stacy discuss how the world’s wealthiest became a trillion dollars wealthier in 2017. In the second half, Max interviews Charlie Shrem of CryptoIQ.co about the latest drama in the bitcoin community and all the positive developments.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlbtHdJumg

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Latest ICO Info

Xmoneta Pengganti Lembaga Keuangan Dan Sosial Institusi

Apa itu Xmoneta ?
Xmoneta adalah saksi lahirnya komunitas global baru, menggantikan institusi keuangan dan sosial tradisional. Xmoneta tidak ingin menjadi pengamat diam - Xmoneta ingin menjadi pencipta. Xmoneta ingin merangsang perkembangan lebih lanjut.

Bukan suatu kebetulan bahwa Xmoneta menggunakan 'X' misterius untuk proyek kami. X adalah sesuatu yang tidak diketahui, sementara 'moneta' adalah kata Latin, yang berarti 'uang'. Jadi Xmoneta dengan sengaja menggunakan kredensial untuk kriptocurrency. Xmoneta adalah langkah selanjutnya setelah dua revolusi teknologi. Xmoneta membuat utusan maju di dunia yang terenkripsi untuk komunikasi sosial dan bisnis. Tidak seperti raksasa seperti Facebook dan WhatsApp, Xmoneta memiliki prinsip dan filosofi yang sama sekali berbeda. Hal ini memungkinkan pengguna memenuhi kebutuhan sehari-hari. Konsep terpenting Xmoneta adalah gaya hidup yang benar-benar mobile, bebas dari batas.

Misi Xmoneta
Lelah dengan tren lama, dipromosikan oleh bank dan perusahaan internasional, Xmoneta memutuskan untuk memilih jalur yang berbeda. Jalan Masa Depan, bebas dari pengawasan massal, pengendalian pikiran, keuangan dan tujuan hidup. Tujuan kami adalah membuat messenger universal dan menjadi benar-benar aman. Aplikasi baru ini didasarkan pada teknologi Blockchain dan memungkinkan pengguna mengobrol, mengirim pesan, memesan barang, membeli barang, berdagang dengan orang-orang dan menghemat uang. Semua dalam satu aplikasi. Begitulah Xmoneta lahir.

Fitur yang bisa anda nikmati di Xmoneta Messenger
Xmoneta menyediakan platform yang dapat membantu Anda dengan aktivitas kehidupan sosial dan menjalankan bisnis hanya dengan satu aplikasi yang aman dan user-friendly. Beberapa keunggulan fitur yang bisa Anda nikmati antara Xmoneta Messenger antara lain: 1. Simple messat messenger

Xmoneta Messenger
Adalah aplikasi berbasis teknologi Blockchain yang memungkinkan Anda untuk mengobrol, memesan barang, membeli berbagai barang dagangan, berdagang dengan orang lain dan menghemat uang. Jauh lebih sederhana daripada layanan yang ditawarkan oleh berbagai perusahaan internasional dan saat ini juga perbankan.

Amankan perlindungan privasi
Aplikasi Xmoneta adalah aplikasi terenkripsi, yang berarti tidak dapat diakses dengan menggunakan aplikasi pihak ketiga seperti halnya banyak aplikasi media sosial yang ada. Keamanan yang sama juga diterapkan pada transaksi yang terjadi saat menggunakan Xmoneta. Jadi Anda juga yang menggunakan Xmoneta sebagai aplikasi pribadi atau untuk kepentingan bisnis, merasa aman dengan berbagai fungsi yang ada.

Penyimpanan semua token
Xmoneta memiliki visi untuk menjadi aplikasi yang bisa dijadikan dompet digital untuk semua jenis mata uang, baik secara digital maupun tradisional. Anda tidak perlu menggunakan aplikasi yang berbeda seperti dompet untuk mata uang yang berbeda. Semua mata uang Blockchain terdeteksi secara otomatis dan terintegrasi dengan aplikasi. Dengan teknologi Blockchain, Anda dapat menggunakan aplikasi ini untuk melakukan deposit, melakukan transfer mata uang tradisional dan mata uang kripto menggunakan kartu kredit atau akun dompet kriptografi.

Marketplace dan bisnis
Ada juga pasar yang bisa digunakan pengguna Xmoneta untuk membeli atau menjual barang dan promosi. Semua produk tersusun rapi dan bisa mendapat review dari konsumen. Temukan produk yang Anda butuhkan dan bayar langsung dengan kredit yang sudah tersimpan di dompet Xmoneta Anda. Pengguna Xmoneta juga dapat membuat akun khusus perusahaan yang dapat digunakan untuk mempromosikan proyek saat ini, mengirim pengguna Xmoneta lainnya untuk berlangganan, atau masuk ke halaman situs Anda. Xmoneta bahkan menawarkan ruang untuk pemasaran online Anda dengan peluang iklan dan lebih banyak kesempatan untuk mencapai tujuan bisnis Anda.

Bank Xmoneta Banking
juga jauh lebih mudah dengan Xmoneta. Dimana aplikasi ini menggunakan teknologi internet banking yang bisa digunakan untuk transfer, penukaran mata uang, pembayaran, hingga investasi. Anda bisa menggunakan mata uang digital atau tradisional untuk memanfaatkan era baru perbankan yang lebih sederhana dan praktis.

Token yang bisa digunakan untuk transaksi
Tidak hanya memudahkan melakukan transaksi dengan mata uang tradisional atau mata uang kripto, Xmoneta juga memiliki mata uang atau token tersendiri yang disebut XMN. Anda bisa mendapatkan token dengan menggunakan berbagai fitur di aplikasi ini, termasuk game, iklan atau video, survei, pemasangan aplikasi di gadget Anda, mengundang orang lain untuk menggunakan Xmoneta, dan banyak lagi.

Masa depan cryptocurrency didukung oleh teknologi Blockchain yang memungkinkan orang untuk berdagang lebih aman dengan bantuan uang digital atau uang tradisional, sekarang semakin mendekati hidup Anda dengan Xmoneta Messenger. Platform sosial dan bisnis yang dapat membuat hidup Anda lebih mudah dengan aplikasi serbaguna dan aman tanpa membuang banyak energi dan waktu.

Apa itu Xmoneta token (XMN)?
Xmoneta Token (XMN) adalah ruang bawah tanah yang terdesentralisasi untuk semua jenis transaksi antar anggota masyarakat. Buktinya terkait dengan dukungan messenger VISA / MasterCard, yang memungkinkan pengguna membayar dengan kriptocurrency menggunakan kartu virtual dan plastik. Kursus konversi dikaitkan dengan kurs tengah yang digunakan di pameran dagang. Pemilik token bisa membeli dengan XMN tanpa menebusnya.

Apa bonus bagi investor?
Siapa pun yang ingin berpartisipasi dalam Pre ICO sudah bisa berinvestasi di Xmoneta. Dengan berinvestasi sekarang, peserta akan mendapat lebih banyak keuntungan di masa depan. Karena kampanye ICO utama dimulai, ada bonus 50% untuk XMN. Dan itu belum semuanya! Setelah pre-ICO, investor kami mendapatkan diskon besar untuk layanan Xmoneta. Ada kemungkinan untuk menjual token di pasar dan mendapatkan keuntungan langsung.

Struktur Token
XMN - simbol token Xmoneta XMN
didasarkan pada standar token Ethel ERC20
XMN dikeluarkan oleh token harga kontrak Ethereum
dengan Bonus 50%: 1 ETH = 3000 XMN Prize token
dengan bonus 40%: 1 ETH = 2800 XMN
Hadiah dengan bonus 30%: 1 ETH = 2600 hadiah XMN
memasak dengan bonus 20%: 1 ETH = 2400 XMN
Hadiah dengan bonus 10%: 1 ETH = 2200 XMN
Token harga tanpa bonus: 1!

Token XMN
token sales Pre ICO 5%: 50000000 XMN XMN token Sales ICO 20%: 200000000 XMN
Milestone: 300 ETH
ICO Soft cap: 1000 ETH
Pre ICO cap: 16000 ETH
ICO raund Sebuah topi: 35000 ETH
ICO rauli B- cap: 38000 ETH
Kualifikasi hukum: utilitas token tidak aman
Mata uang yang diterima: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT
Batas GAS: 300000
Investasi minimum: tidak terbatas tapi direkomendasikan: 0.1 ETH
Jumlah token per orang: tidak terbatas
Jumlah transaksi maksimum: tidak terbatas
Semua token yang tidak terjual dibakar
Investasi minimum: tidak terbatas tapi direkomendasikan 0,1 ETH
Jumlah token per orang: tidak terbatas
Jumlah transaksi maksimum: tidak terbatas
Semua token yang tidak terjual dibakar.

Untuk Informasi Lebih Lanjut:

Website: https://www.xmoneta.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.xmoneta.com/xmoneta_whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https:/ /www.facebook.com/xmoneta.xmn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xmoneta_xmn

Telegram: https://t.me/xmoneta

Bitcointalk Username: ayrisky

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1795832

Address: 0x40ff701beb62dc5b2a5ee06efde98efbab919a14

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