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Rumble Arena Partnership - ION Tournaments in Multiplayer Fighting Game
Get Ready to Rumble.

ionomy partners with Rekall Games, creators of the popular multiplayer fighting game on mobile, Rumble Arena.


ionomy is delighted to announce a partnership with Rekall Games!

Rekall is redesigning their popular game, “Rumble Arena,” to include head-to-head competitive tournaments with cash prizes powered by ionomy Lightning. Gamers can compete cross-platform to win ION and Bitcoin.


Rumble Arena (on iOS and Android) is the first multiplayer fighting game on mobile, and the first third party game to integrate ionomy’s Lightning API.

The freshly redesigned Rumble Arena debuts this summer.


ionomy Lightning adds compelling replayability

Lightning is part of the ionomy PWR-GRD, a suite of services designed to help game developers monetize their games and make gameplay even more fun and compelling.

By connecting game accounts to the ionomy platform, Lightning facilitates regular tournaments with cash payouts in ION and Bitcoin to top competitors.


Another perfect partnership

Rumble Arena already has a strong fan base, and ionomy is excited to help Rekall Games’ fans get into ION in the funnest and easiest way. ionomy is also pleased to introduce it’s dedicated gamer community to the creative ingenuity of Rekall.

The partnership is yet another win for ionomy. Rumble Arena is a perfect title to showcase deep integration with ionomy PWR-GRD: digital currencies like Bitcoin and ION are the future of money, and monetized gameplay using ionomy PWR-GRD services is the future of gaming.


Jump in and discover the fun of Rumble Arena, the genius of ionomy powered blockchain technology, and the power of ION-connected games.

There’s a lot more exciting news this year, so get ready to celebrate. And get ready to rumble!

The ionomy Team

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Payvx: the cryptocurrency platform that deals with ecosystem

The financial sector is leading the way in block chain and digital assets in today's world whereby making the digital economy block chain technology keeps on developing in the way businesses are been handled. The use of Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies offering friction-less transactions and inflation control because of these, industries need to build bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes by making experiences traders to team up with experienced developers to build this bridge. The PayVX platform will be an all in one solution for crypto and the most fastest and safest payment technology in the world if implemented


PayVX is the fastest and safest payment technology in the world. The monetary escrow service is built on a secure bridge and creates a trusting relationship between the two parties for online business transactions. Since currency transactions are irreversible, dealing with untrusted parties creates a serious level of risk for both buyers and sellers. it ensures this process is effective, ensuring the confidence and reliability to handle those activities. PayVX is also a unique escrow service that promises secure and fast payment based on cryptocurrency framework.
PayVX reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

PayVX Tokens(Ethereum ERC-20 token standard)
The key element of the PayVX platform is PVX -the asset based on ERe20 standard. The tokens are available for purchase through the personal account when the user registers on the platform by means of the internal account («wallet») of the platform.

PayVX Platform
▪Decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions betweentwo parties. It is ensured with PAYVX tokens (PVX) based on Ethereum blockchain.
▪Low fees are charged for ensuring that the transaction is safe and private.
▪Saves time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy

Platform Fundamentals
▪PayVx is a platform for making deals and transactions.
▪Fee(commission) is a payment for the deal made by contractor.
▪Buyer—a party, interested in deal safety.
▪Seller—a party invited by a buyer.
▪Trust node—PVX token holders.
▪Escrow—an independent and anonymous chain of escrow-nodes. Escrow settle the differences.
▪Escrow-node—trust-node in status escrow.

Problems of PAYVX

Theft Elimination Lack of trust between contractors Regulating trade conflicts with the help of an escrow service Decreasing the fees on the escrow market. Eliminating fraud and swindling parties Suspension of User Accounts 20 + Crypto currencies Accepted Elimination of Fake Reviews


Creating guarantees between contractors in all spheres. Ensuring mutually beneficial relationships between all the participants on the platform. Creating an independent system without developer interference. Raising the social interest in cryptocurrencies

Token Distribution
The total amount of tokens is 100,000,000! Tokens will be transferred to the contributors after ICO campaign.

ICO –Initial Coin Offering

Pre-ICO Stage is Used for Further Marketing Pre-ICO period will be held for 30 days.

Pre-ICO Goals
▪Identifying the social interest in the project.
▪Creating a strategy of promoting ICO platform.

ICO Goals
▪Determining base token value.
▪Creating a financial base for further development.

March - April 2018 - Pre-Sales PVX Token

May 2018 - PVX Token Crowdsale / General Sales

July 22, 2018 - Audit & Distribution of PVX Token Sales

August 2018 - Register on the Stock

September 2018 - PayVx Beta Testing - Platform Launching; Build Relationships with Partners and Investors.

December 2018 - Mobile Payvx Application Launch

January 2019 - Continuous upgrading of PayVX platform and feature enhancements (PayVX app launch).

February 2019 - UX / UI Improvements (Review of Platforms & Upgrades).

March 2019 - Improved / Increased platform token value platform functionality Creates a financial base for further - development

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://payvx.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.payvx.io/public/images/white_paper.pdf

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3108178.msg32111408#msg32111408

Facebook: https://facebook.com/pay-vx-203236637099775/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/payvxofficial

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/payvx

Telegram: https://t.me/PAYVX

Blog: https://medium.com/@payvx.io

Author: Seunola
My BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1925064

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Those Other Coins - No ICO's Please...

Get up to speed

Proposal to Increase ION Supply and Change Inflation Rates

The Team's proposal #1 & 2 ( Adam Matlack scheme) does not add coins to the pre-mined supply that Matlack has control over. The addition of these new coins will be targeted for only ION Masternode and Staking Wallet owners (Ionomy Cult members). This proposal only benefits the Ionomy Cult and causes the value of ION to devalue for the rest of the ION community. This proposal covers the fact that the inflation rate of the ION coin in the original white paper drops severely in year 5. Adding coins to the ION coin supply is not the answer to improving the value/price of ION...

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The ION Platform

Dark Matter will become Visible in less than Two Weeks

The second token as mentioned will be Dark Matter. This is the deflationary token to the inflationary token that Ion is. This fee system is considered to be a “burn system”. According to Adam, over 50% percent of fees will be burned on this very low cap coin. In total there will only be 51,000 tokens in existence. As more and more are transacted and moved, less and less exist. The systems are in place for this token and it has been decided how it will function. This token should drop in less than 2 weeks.

Discussed before moving on to a Q&A session was how moving to a token economy is not only to support games but also to ensure master nodes remain economically viable for a really long time. When they are involved in operating the token economy that's another way to ensure that will happen


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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

Proposal to Inrease Number of Masternodes to Improve the Network Stability

Proposal #4 would see the collateral needed for a masternode size cut by 50%. If this proposal is agreed upon, everyone with a masternode now would then be able to have 2. This would double the ION masternode network and lower the threshold for others interesting in hosting which is essential to “protect profitability and make sure the network can achieve what it needs to achieve to drive the protocol level value of ION as a whole.” Combined with proposal #3 these updates have the potential to rocket ION beyond its imagined destination.

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Buy, Sell, Trade

Ionomy - Daryn Pittman #9 Car Merch.


ionomy 9
ionomy Studios is a proud sponsor of the KKR Number 9 car driven by World Of Outlaws (WoO) champion, Daryn Pittman. For 37 races, Pittman’s sprint car will display ION and ionomy logos. The talented KKR team will represent both ION (digital currency) and ionomy Studios (mobile gaming company) on dozens of tracks and along each highway they travel on their way to races across the U.S.

Daryn Pittman and team KKR have the perfect swag for you.

Show your support and wear it proud!









All items above can be purchased here:

Thanks again for your support!


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Where to Trade

Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Do you have an issue?

Ionomy Support resorts to Extortion to cover up Ionomy.com 3.0 Website Defects

Ionomy LTD support service emailed me with notification that the coins are in my Ionomy account. I am now able to convert the ION coins into Dollars. This funds will be used to pay the salary for a programmer to be added to Wild's Depot. Ionomy Limited Suport Staff has always provided me excellent whale service for being a loyal customer and reporting the Ionomy.com defects. I am a Ionomy LTD Founder & Whale and exercise my right to provide "input into the platform". My issues have been with Mr. Adam Matlock not honoring these privileges.

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Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

Need help with Mandated Username Change from Ionomy Administrators

New HawK profile about me - I'm retired Weapons Engineer/Designer setting up a depot in the Ionomy Community. Looking forward to have providing High Tech Add-Ons for your Ionomy Games. Will be accepting ION or xION for form of payment! I am a Ionomy Whale/Founder and willing to assist small projects with funding Bounties via ION, Dark Matter & BTC. Looking for a programmer to add to the staff to code HawK's Power Up line of products!

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Latest ICO Info

GREENBIT - The First Blockchain CRYPTOAGRO Based Currency

alt text


A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, GREENBIT, the first blockchain cryptoagro based currency, a decentralized market place for Farmers, Merchants, Grocery Stores, Agro-allied Industries and Consumers, with a unique Ecosystem and physical entity trading on the world's most traded product Agriculture with over a billion employees has arrived.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get right to it.

What exactly is GREENBIT?

GREENBIT is the first CRYPTOAGRO Blockchain currency, a decentralized market for Farmers, Traders, Groceries, Joint and Consumer Industries, with unique Ecosystem and physical entity trading on the world's most traded agricultural commodities with over one billion employees. GREENBIT provides a decentralized payment system that can transfer these values ​​regardless of boarder differences.


The GREENBIT Vision is to uniquely create value that attracts rewards through the use of decentralized, fully secured investments and a distinctive one-world, one currency and one agro trade platform.

Greenbit is a platform and network for full facilitation process in the following contracts and transactions;

Exchange of goods/products/values and services

Trading of currencies and commodities

Exchange of fiat currencies to crypto currencies

Running of portfolio on Virtual Farm investment options

Exchange of crypto-currencies

Executing consistent upward drive in GREENBIT coin value

Attracting huge investment pool for expansion


The GREENBIT goal is to create the principal decentralized agro-marketplace used by global citizens by maintaining a thriving ecosystem of users willing to buy everyday products and carry out speedy, easy and secured transactions at lower prices and, manufacturers looking to sell directly and surpass existing retail chains. GREENBIT role is to develop the open source technology required for running the platform and to create a successful model to incentivize all investors/sponsors/partners/participants. http://www.greenbit.in/


GREENBIT is focused on solving the ineffective transactions space and process, costly and outdated agricultural trade systems practice, significant trade investments not getting to farmers and agro merchants and manufacturer’s sales.


The first step that Greenbit decides to put forward is by sharing the knowledge to the customers about the different options of investments and the possible methods of payment regulations.

Also, it will acknowledge the involved members of the instant and fast payments and transactions they can make using cryptos. The smartphone application will look forward to take care of all the needs like transfers, payments, and exchanges.

And finally, it will ensure that no party bears any loss and get the best deals every time. To keep the consumers and clients involved, it also aims to hold different programs for loyalty and cashback for making transactions.

Few of the important features of the platform are: The Central Farm Network which provides a safe place to the traders and providers. Secondly, the platform is swift and shows its efficiency alongside. Third, it ensures to handle million transactions/second which makes it robust and scalable.


alt text


This is a secure trading platform for merchants and value chain service providers. The Central Farm Network, as a matter of steady growth in society and its valuations, replicates worldwide agricultural assets based on the sound spectrum of society and market speculation.


Use direct payment channels to transfer values ​​in milliseconds. Successful transactions are never more efficient because every block in Greenbit can become Hypercube Routing to help speed, making the structure very flexible.


Agro-ally markets are the most heavily traded markets. Therefore, it can handle millions of secured transactions per second. Thanks to the unique Multi Greenbit Architecture.


The functioning nodes only do useful work, maximize efficiency and, every block in the Greenbit TON can become Greenbit itself making the structure very accessible and flexible.




Tоkеn Vаluе: $1,000,000,000

Unit of Tokens: 3,333,333,333.333

Avеrаgе unit реr hоldеr: 833.333333332

Token Distribution

GREENBIT Token Launch & Diѕtributiоn:

Distributed tо Cоmmunitу: 65%

Prоjесt Funding: 15%

Team: 8%

Pаrtnеrѕ: 5%

Cаmраign: 5%

Adviѕоrѕ: 2%

Exресtеd Annuаl Coin Growth uроn Launch:

333 Billion Dollars in 5 Years

Bаѕiс Structure оf thе GREENBIT Tоkеn:

Finitе Numbеr of tоkеnѕ: 3,333,333,333.33

Hard Cар:2,166,666,666.645

Term оf Tоkеn Sаlе: 90 Dауѕ

Target token allocations: 4,000,000 wаllеtѕ

Adjustability: Dеѕtrоуѕ undiѕtributеd tоkеnѕ аnd nо аdditiоnаl release.

Proposed Uѕеrѕ оf GREENBIT

Agro-Allied Induѕtriеѕ, Eateries, Phаrmасеutiсаlѕ, Fаrmеrѕ, Stоrеѕ, Individuаl Token Hоldеrѕ, Trаdеrѕ, Other Prоfitаblе Invеѕtоrѕ.

40% from GREENBIT’s transaction profit (uѕеrѕ/mеrсhаntѕ/invеѕtоrѕ соmmiѕѕiоn) will bе uѕеd to thаnk оur GREENBIT tоkеn-hоldеrѕ аnd thе most асtivе uѕеrѕ thrоugh the асԛuiѕitiоn diѕtributiоn of GREENBIT tоkеnѕ viа a monthly lоуаltу fund (MLF) аnd аnnuаl profit diѕtributiоn.

60% of thе Central Farm Network and full GREENBIT рlаtfоrm profit will bе рlоughеd back intо thе ѕуѕtеm to build momentum аnd turbо-сhаrgе Tоkеn/Cоin value аnd invеѕtmеnt profitability оvеr timе. Aсԛuirеd GREENBIT tokens аrе divided bеtwееn еxiѕting tоkеn-hоldеrѕ, depending оn thеir GREENBIT bank uѕаgе. MLF rеfilling аnd аnnuаl profit diѕtributiоn аlѕо сrеаtеѕ соnѕtаnt demand fоr GREENBIT tоkеnѕ.


alt text


alt text

alt text

Q4 2015 Greenbit Concept Created

Q1 2016 Confirmation of Interests From Leading Global Agro Industries

Q1 2018 Greenbit to Conduct an ICO

Q2 2018 Development of Greenbank Mobile Application and Coin Wallet

Q2 2018 Development of Central Farm Network Platform

Q3 2018 Development of the Greenbit Farmers app nd Integration of Merchant and Consumers interface

Q3 2018 Launch of the Central Farm network

Q4 2018 Geographical Expansion of the Central Farm Network

Meet The Amazing Team

alt text

Dale Klonis: Founder

Igor Bonderenko: Co-Founder

Ele Morgan: Cybernetic Economics

Catherine Morgan: CPO


alt text

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time…

For more information, please visit:

Website: http://www.greenbit.in/

Whitepaper: http://greenbit.in/assets/images/GREENBIT WHITEPAPER 1.1.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3273833.msg34130003#msg34130003

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/G0DNf0UuWVvKv3JPxhSrww

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Greenbit/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greenbitblockchain/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Greenbit3?lang=en

alt text

Author: TheMichaelMatch

My BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1326035

Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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