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TOKOIN PLATFORM- A convenient and safe digital asset allocation strategy


Blockchain technology is the most popular and wildly used cryptocurrency exchanges which have gathered a significant amount of influence over the years. Application of blockchain are still in a defining stage and they represent an extremely fast moving field, with little established theory. It potentially allows individuals and communities to redesign their intentions in politics, business and society at large, with an unknown process if disintermediation on large scale, based on automated and trustless transactions.

Cryptocurrencies offer a wide range of benefits for users around the world. However, high volatility in their prices prevents mass adoption. The continuous demand about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and yet people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. The blockchain technology basically may be used for any types of transaction involving value (money, goods, real estates, etc.). Blockchain technology is a more efficient, decentralized and consensus-driven public repository, which can have a number of applicants in order to make citizens less dependent on governments.


![0_1566306047088_upload-a632dc4f-3fe8-4818-8373-6116ad7edd57](Uploading 100%)

Tokoin is a platform that sets up digital business personality and notoriety of MSME as satisfactory believability scoring for providers and budgetary foundations Face the genuine market. Tokoin gives a platform to manufacture a significant organization which will carry you into the connecting with ecosystem comprises of collectable business profiles productive for business development.

TOKOIN functions as a signing platform which giving comfort to each B2 entertainer. The blockchain-based singing platform works with corresponding information utilizing a dedication motivator model for dispersing and interfacing affiliates Transparency with producing everything being equal and can purchase affiliates with acquiring power.

Blockchain is utilized to give verification through precise transportation data, close market information, necessities, stock, talked about and above all; approaches to guarantee purchase in and worldwide duties. You can build the number of wholesalers and purchase supplies to purchase this item and purchase providers who can help by utilizing better an incentive for everyone. At Tokoin, we accept that exchange and circulation should exchange, be straightforward and enable all members.

Major Issues Recognized

Difficulties in extension
Most MSMEs don't deliver enough to exploit economies of scale. They additionally have low request volumes, which implies that they have little impact on providers and don't get discount limits. This prompts higher creation and exchange expenses contrasted with enormous endeavours, and not at all like partnerships where whole divisions are associated with obtainment and fund, MSMEs have fewer assets to locate the best providers or proper financing. Global development is likewise hazardous.

Issues with high financing obstructions
After the money related emergency, banks were wary of loans to MSMEs. They cling to the, for the most part, acknowledged generalization that MSMEs need more money streams to make advance instalments. In general, money related moderateness is still low in developing markets, as 70% of MSMEs still don't approach financing openings. This is regularly clarified by the way that, as generally new or little endeavours, most MSMEs don't have legitimate lawful documentation, guarantee and additionally long haul record of loan repayment.

Absence of business support
For MMZ, these issues imply that they feel caught in the mind-boggling expense cycle, negligible monetary help, and wild challenge. At the core of this cycle is an absence of trust with respect to organizations that would need to help the IHR so as to support and develop. Providers don't confide in them, banks don't confide in them, and, at last, clients don't confide in them. What is missing is MSME's capacity to manufacture notoriety that develops trust and opens a wide scope of development upgrading administrations.

Through the blockchain arrange, you can check information identified with business exchanges in the biological system. TOKOIN utilizes the information recorded on the blockchain arrange as a legitimate marker of business notoriety. At the end of the day, this notoriety will be based on the client's purchasing conduct in exchanging exercises, and this data will turn into a significant piece of the client's profile. With this methodology, TOKOIN can change a precise information record into an important resource that the MSME can use as an influence to counterbalance its missing loaning prerequisites, for example, a proportion of unwavering quality.

Advanced Identification
Reacting to the requirements of a legitimate and genuine individual, Tokoin utilizes the computerized part as a guide and benefit. With a computerized business identifier, MSME can record and track its business forms in an advanced record, while appropriating the FICO score they make to different accomplices in the Tokoin environment. This is the decentralized idea of the blockchain, where there is no essential issue of intensity that records information. The utilization of blockchain innovation in the business procedure.

Type of impetus at whatever point a member in the platform submits and approve an exchange information

Fills in as pre-essential for utilizing a few administrations on the platform, for example, business experiences, access to promotions and exchange information for specialist co-ops among a few others.

The absolute supply of the token is 2,000,000,000 TOKO with 700,000,000 TOKO planned for the token deal in which assets have gotten will be utilized for the kick-beginning of the platform.

Convincingly, the energy to extraordinarily improve the development pace of smaller scale, little and medium endeavours is the sole explanation for the foundation of Tokoin platform, the demonstrable skill and experience of the group with their painstakingly created Modus operandi is now pointer to the way that the platform will, in the end, prevail with regards to carrying enormous advancement to MSMEs in developing markets, henceforth the platform ought not be missed for anything.




The Tokoin Ecosystem finds the ability to create reliable, authorized profiles for small and medium-sized businesses. All this will be converted to digital information. In addition, all business data from daily operations will be converted into digital codes, which will inevitably lead to the strengthening of the digital profile of each businessman and increase his reputation. Good reputation is enhanced by confidence from banks, various suppliers, and large businesses. And this, in turn, will lead to open access for services that were previously unavailable.


You can talk a lot more about such an innovative project as Tokoin . But in order not to delay the review, I leave all the necessary and important links below the description. There you will find all the necessary answers to questions that arise during the study of the project. In conclusion, I would like to add that the Tokoin project did not arise by chance and not from scratch. When there is a big demand but there is no adequate supply, such innovative projects always appear. In the near future, you can expect that the Tokoin project will prove itself and bring profit to its users and investors.

Token Name: TOKO

ICO Token Type: ERC-20

Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 TOKO

Token Sale: 700,000,000 TOKO (35% Token Supply)

Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 8,000,000

Token Allocation
ICO Contributors – 35%

Industry Fund – 40%

Treasury – 10%

Team & Early Contributors – 10%

Advisors – 5%

Uses of Funds
Product Development – 50%

Marketing & BD – 35%

Operations – 10%

Reserve – 5%


For more enquiries;
Website: https://www.tokoin.io/

Telegram Chat: http://t.me/tokoinglobal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokoinOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TokoinOfficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@tokoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokoinofficial

Author: kunlelexybit

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2652055;

ETH address: 0x5B8342b312EA2678EAdf935B2f38311Ef87911e2

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Those Other Coins - No ICO's Please...

Get up to speed

The ION Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (Stakers)

Q: What is a Staker?
Staking has traditionally only taken place in local digital currency wallets run by individual users. Ionomy.com has taken the local wallet hassle out of a proof of stake coin and improved the end user experience through stakers.

A staker is an ionomy.com exclusive product. Users are able to deposit ION for a fix amount of time and return. Similar to a bank certificate of deposit. By leveraging platform holdings and pooling coins for staking ionomy.com is able to offer higher than average returns for its customers.

stakers are available in the following sizes 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 , 7500 & 10000 ION. Coins loaded in stakers are locked for the duration of the stake period of 90 days.

Stake payments are made daily into the user account and available for withdrawal and trading immediately. At the conclusion of the 90 day stake period the entire staker principle amount is refunded to the users balance or if selected auto-renewed for 90 days.

Users can purchase stakers directly with BTC, or bring their own ion. The ionomy.com exchange offers another avenue for users to buy and sell coins for their stakers.

Please visit ionomy.com/stakers/buy to purchase and load stakers.

Q: How do I boost my stakers with electrons?
Atoms holders are credited with electrons daily at the rate of .01 electrons per Atom.

Electrons can then be used electrify stakers and increase their daily yield.

The guide below will assist you in electrifying stakers.

Login to your ionomy.com account.

Select 'Stakers' then 'Overview' from the left hand side menu area:


On each of the Stakers in your account you will see an icon on the left representing Electron boost functionality.

Select the staker you would like to electrify (Click the electrify icon).


A confirmation screen will then display, be sure to check the details and if you are happy click on 'Enable Electrons'.

Everyday thereafter the selected staker will be automatically electrified, provided the user has enough electrons available int heir account.

Should the users electron balance be insufficient to electrify the staker, the auto renewal will be disabled until the user has enough electrons and enables it again

Users can see how many Electrons they have in their account displayed on the main dashboard.


Electrons are not currently tradeable or transferable and are exclusively produced by Atoms.

Q: How do I load a staker?
Loading ION into a staker requires a minimum of 250 ION’s. You also have the option to purchase ION stakers using BTC. To start, deposit coins (ION or BTC) into your Ionomy wallet.

Select [SERVICES], [Stakers] then [Buy or Load Stakers] from the navigation panel. Using the staker amount slider, select the amount of coin you are going to stake. Click Pay with ION or BTC. Confirm your selection and click Complete Purchase.

You can manage your stakers by selecting [Manage] under Stakers.

Q: What are the current rates for Stakers?
Current base rate for ION stakers on ionomy.com is: 30% APR for 90 days. Receive extra 5% if you have Subscription.

Double your stake rate by applying Electrons to Your Stakers. Stake rates can be increased through the use of Electrons, a ionomy.com exclusive asset generated by Atoms and ionomy games.

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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

The Cryptocurrency That Transforms Electricity Into Blockchain.

alt text

Vectorium, the cryptoEnergy. With this slogan a European team is revolutionizing the market distribution of electricity through a combination of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and electrical infrastructure of various types.

The challenge is to make electricity distribution digital through a sort of parallel market that “bypasses” the current distributive mechanisms of traditional electricity networks.

This is achieved by leveraging using the same mechanisms of intermediary “value swap” which led to the success and dissemination of Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional payment systems.

VECTORIUM will be for the electricity market what Bitcoin has been for banks “ ENEA BENEDETTO (CEO)"

The idea of the two cofounders, the Italian Enea Benedetto and the Colombian Andres Palacio Restrepo, is to carry the intrinsic value of electricity from a point A to a point B through the blockchain.

alt text

To do this, they created an extremely light blockchain, Vectorium Flash, which allows the conversion of kWh in coins first and subsequently reconverting coins back into electricity (or into an equivalent amount of traditional currency or into
other crypto coins). www.vectorium.co

In order to make the process democratic, regardless of whether you’re trying to extract coins with a single graphic card or with an apparatus of fifty or more cards the opportunities will be the same. Moreover, the process developed is named “only mined community pools”.

Michele Sburlino, CTO and Project Manager has confirmed: “This solution besides being self-regulated, public and democratic, allows the blockchain to manage the mining process converting it directly to the kWh used for the generation of the same coins. In this way we are actually transforming a process, i.e. mining: initially perceived as energy-consuming process into a new phenomenon of IT Eco sustainability”.

alt text

The project was presented at the Blockchain Expo of Monaco in May 2019. The Miners now involved are more than a hundred scattered across the five continents. The team expects to exceed the first thousands by the end of June 2019 and to “list” the coins on the first Exchange by July 2019.

Will Crypto Energy be the future of the blockchain? Is the World ready to make green crypto currencies? Vectorium is a “disruptive” answer to these questions.


Website: https://www.vectorium.co Whitepaper: https://www.vectorium.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Vectorium-Whitepaper.pdf Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5162409.0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VectoriumSocial Twitter: https://twitter.com/VectoriumSocial


BTT Username Profile: Ris88
Vectorium Address: Pm8DM18yGkbyCSXFX3URbWjiqKsytrdo7f

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Buy, Sell, Trade

Where to Trade

ZooomEx - The New Low-Commission Cryptocurrency Exchange

alt text

There was a certain thaw in the crypto industry, the consequence of which was a rise in the value of the most important cryptocurrency - bitcoin (up to 13 thousand dollars, now the rate is already around 10), as well as the birth of a new wave of fresh projects based on blockchain technology. Let's see what kind of interesting things these entrepreneurial guys offer us to study with their startup projects.


And on the current day, the number of tokens and projects exceeds mental values, exchanges are needed for their bidding, but, as you can see, established giants just simply bend their fingers, wringing incredible money for listing new tokens. At the same time, no one has ever let go of competitors who also wish to enter the auction. In this connection, there is a huge queue for listing. Current exchanges have obvious problems with the technical part, usability and technical support. They are extremely reluctant to innovate.

In addition, there are more pressing problems for traders. Most of all they were always worried about the issue directly affecting their profit, namely horse fees for transactions. When the market is divided between the giants, it is easier for them to control the level of commissions on their exchanges, which often leads to an overestimation of the bar. The emergence of new players with their own rules can create healthy competition in the field, as well as affect some aspects of the work of such structures.


ZooomEx startup is the epitome of a new vision for the cryptocurrency exchange. Officially, it will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2019. The exchange itself currently starts its activity with trading in 4 major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, ARCT as well as its own currency ZXE.

All members of the ZXE team are active traders and know all the nuances, pros and cons of other crypto exchanges, so Zooomex makes products for you. This is suitable for ordinary and professional traders, both for users with a small capital, and for institutional. Zooomex has already begun to change the cryptocurrency trading industry.

alt text


ZooomEx offers an interesting approach to gain its popularity, namely, sets a low trading commission. As a rule, all transaction fees are set at 0.05%, regardless of which part of a particular cryptocurrency is involved. Note that on some exchanges, costs differ not for the better dozens of times. In addition, until September 2019 ZoomEx will not charge fees, in other words, 0% per transaction!

The developers promise to carry out serious work both on speed and on user interface, which will not contain unnecessary and inconvenient elements. The following platform languages ​​are expected: English, Russian and Chinese.

Another great aspect of ZooomEx is that the exchange provides seasonal events as part of the exchange platform. ZoomEx users will be able to win valuable prizes with minimal effort.


Pre-IEO: 10,000,000; IEO: 40,000,000; Fund: 50,000,000; Bounty: (15.000.000); Airdrop: (5.000.000); Promo: (10,000,000); Team: (20.000.000).

alt text

TEAM: Kirill Korzhenkov: CEO (Executive Director); Vladimir Baryshnikov : CMO (Marketing Director); Vadim Matveev : CISO (Director of Information Security). WHAT DOES IEO ACCOUNT? Token name: ZooomEx Symbol: ZXE Type: ERC20 Platform: Ethereum Pre-sale stage: June 24, 2019 - July 1, 2019. Prizes: June 27, 2019 August 12, 2019. IEO: August 5, 2019 August 12, 2019 or when all tokens will be sold


Website: https://www.zooomex.com/ WP: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4soga73dpsxw849/AAC2xnw5iHpzm2trUZaoM6lqa?dl=0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZooomEx-Cryptocurrency -Exchange-468468037299795 / Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooomexcom Telegram: https://t.me/zooomex_en ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5159081.0

BTT Username Profile: Ris88
Ethereum Address: 0x2CF4F93348116B2Ce67Ecb7A9eA57E10Bf0f81A2

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Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Do you have an issue?

Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

A small overview of the robot vacuum cleaners Roomba

I found another good review about the robot vacuum cleaner Eufy robovac

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Latest ICO Info

ZoomEx Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

alt text

About ZoomEx

ZooomEx іѕ а nеw cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange wіth thе lowest trading commissions represented оn thе market! Thе lever іѕ making trading operations accessible tо everyone! Zooomex іѕ nоt trуіng tо produce frоm clients, аѕ wеll аѕ creating а convenient platform whеrе іt wоuld bе convenient tо trade wіth everyone! Untіl September, thе Trade Commission-0%! Next, іt wіll increase vеrу lоw ѕо уоu won’t еvеn notice it! Thоѕе whо fіrѕt tооk thіѕ step! Yоu won’t find аnуthіng lіkе thіѕ оn thе market.

Zooomex built Crypto Exchange fоr thе sake оf users! All members оf thе ZXE team аrе active traders аnd knоw аll thе nuances, pros, аnd cons оf оthеr crypto exchanges, ѕо Zooomex mаkеѕ thе product fоr you. It’s suitable fоr bоth ordinary аnd professional traders, bоth fоr users wіth small capital, аnd fоr thе institutional ones. Zooomex began tо change thе cryptocurrency trading industry!

alt text
Whу ZooOMEX ?

1. Mаnу electronic money exchanges аrе technically nоt wеll equipped, whісh іn thе long run саn саuѕе great pressure, loss, аnd unnecessary. Thоѕе whо uѕе electronic money exchanges, generally, prefer а simplified platform wіll hеlр protect thеm frоm роѕѕіblе negative results. On оur team, wе hаvе а staff team thаt hаѕ worked wіth ѕеvеrаl successful big e-money projects thаt function wеll tо thіѕ day. Wе сlеаrlу represent thе future development оf thе electronic money market аnd wе wіll follow thе path оf thе plan wіth you.

2. ZooOMEX іѕ fully protected frоm hacking аnd theft. Our exchanges аrе mаdе uѕіng high security standards, technical testing fоr penetration аnd then, fіrѕt оf all, thе safety rules оf оur customers.

3. Focus оn customer service. Wе understand thаt thе speed оf customer feedback іѕ а key factor іn terms оf rapid market changes. Yоu wіll receive feedback frоm members оf thе 3 technical support team іntо thе network download account, wіth а strong increase іn staff wіll bе extended tо thе required value. Yоu wіll аlwауѕ receive оur eligibility support оn time аnd оn time, wіll соmе frоm qualified experts, аnd nоt frоm robots thаt work wіth scripts.

4. It іѕ international. ZoomEX support services аrе аvаіlаblе 24/7 worldwide аnd іn mоѕt countries, thеу wіll аlwауѕ hеlр users solve problems wіthоut creating unnecessary inconveniences аnd inconveniences.
alt text

ZoomEx ‘s Advantages

(i) ZoomEx іѕ built оn аn engine thаt саn handle mоrе thаn 1.000.000 orders реr second, уоu wіll nоt hаvе problems wіth thе hang оn network overload.

(ii) Thеу provide thеіr оwn Web-client fоr trading оn thе Exchange

(iii) Initial support wіll bе рrоvіdеd іn mаnу languages lіkе Russian, English, China, аnd wіll bе expanded.

(iv) Tо eliminate manipulation оf thе exchange tokens rate. Thе team wіll buy оut а сеrtаіn number оf thеm еvеrу 1–2 months, аnd а сеrtаіn number оf coin wіll bе burned.

Token Sale Information

Token Name: ZooomEx

Symbol: ZXE

Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Private Sale: 24 June 2019–01 July 2019.

Prize: 27 June 2019–12 August 2019.

IEO: August 05, 2019-August 12, 2019 оr whеn аll tokens аrе sold.

Official Resources

Website: https://www.zooomex.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4soga73dpsxw849/AAC2xnw5iHpzm2trUZaoM6lqa?dl=0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zooomexcom/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooomexcom

Telegram: https://t.me/zooomex_en

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5159081

Authors info

Bitcointalk username : bombbitcoin

Bitcointalk profile url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2646898

Eth adddress: 0xd8bcd4b152bd2ac173deb15d14160ed1225f0e05

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