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Preview of the new HTML5 $ION coin wallet


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ION Improvement Plan

The design of this proposal will be documented in the ION wallet Program Design Specification (PDS) document maintained by the ION Core Team. Implementation of this ION wallet upgrade correctly will require commitment and a significant number of Man-hours from Ionomy LTD DEVs, the ION Core Team and ionomy community. To support the ION Core Team rapid development schedule, "Ionomy lTD Assets Contracts" design can be implemented as first smart contract on the ION blockchain proving the test of concept and document the real bandwidth usage. The funding of this new functionality could be obtained from crowd sale of ionomy new deflationary asset DarkMatter. Utilizing the code created and tested by the ION Core Team effort. Phase 1 should have system designers Adam Matlack, Mr. Onion, and Mr. Coins to implement it (refer to IIP 0006). Phase 2 of this design will bring forth "GameGrid Assets" and other Smart Contracts to the Ionomy. This IIP should use a life-cycle development process that encourages sound system principles and a healthy ION network as ionomy ecosystem grows in the future.

For more information on status of IIP 6: https://ion.community/topic/5094/ionomy-2020-proposal

Adam Matlack the chief strategist of ionomy has run the ionomy project with bottom up design implementation of ionomy functional capability. The ionomy products of the last five years have been riddled with defects and causing the code to be redesign and re-written. This IIP is top down design approach and will produce a smaller amount of defects for the life cycle of this ION coin project. The ionomy Ecosystem White Paper discusses the secondary ION network based on the number of ionomy assets the ION wallet owns to dynamically register as an "active Node" on ION network. The creation of IIP-WildOnION-Node-Responsibility was quite challenging using current implementation of IIP 0001.

Smart Contracts
Introducing smart contracts on the ION blockchain would add functionality to the blockchain that increases the utility and scalability of the ION network, including an increased functional role for masternodes and Investor-nodes. Smart Contract bandwidth usage should never exceed 80% capacity of the secondary ION network. Addition of new types of Smart Contracts utilizing the ION blockchain or the secondary ION network at a later date should be approved by the ION Core Team and vote from all ION Masternode owners. To create and modify premium game token assets, developers must pay a fee to the ION network. It’s planned that this fee is DarkMatter asset.
For more information visit the Ionomy Ecosystem white paper:

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Get up to speed

ionosphere: ION 5 Preview

ION 5 is coming!

The ION Core Development Team is poised to release the next version of ION. This update radically advances the security and utility of ION, while adding new dimensions to its tokenomics.

Core improvements
ION gains increased stability and performance with this new release. Wallets, now based on DASH, will run more efficiently and reliably.

Hybrid security: POS/POW
The new ION wallets incorporate a dual consensus algorithm that intensifies coin's cryptographic security. With ION 5, both mining and staking, ION is even more robust.

Mine ELEC tokens
Electrons (ELEC) are the newest token on the ION blockchain, and they are generated only as a mining reward. Start yer engines!

ION developers have advanced the Atomic Token Protocol, making ION tokens more useful and accessible.

Electron wallet
The new user-friendly Electron wallet has an updated look and feel. It's easy to navigate. Electron features a special tool that makes it easy to set up ION masternodes. Electron also makes it easy to create tokens.

With this release, ION masternodes are more like Dash masternodes. All masternode operators will need to do a few things after the fork to register their nodes on the network and start getting rewards.

What's ahead
When the ION 5 update is released, the team will announce the approximate fork date (and the exact block height). All users should follow the user guides that will be published to update their wallets so they can register masternodes, start mining, and continue staking. Users with ION or ION Sharenodes on ionomy don't have to do a thing!

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The ION Platform

ION Hard Fork Soon

Is that the same fork that was supposed to happen in Q1 or is it a different fork and the other one was forgotten?

Maybe they meant Q1 of 2021, or 2025... yeah, let's go with that.


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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

ION 2020 White Paper

ION Proposal 8
Ionomy Vision With Innovative Network (WIN concept)

Ionomy Ecosystem System Effects

ionomy 2020 thru 2025 platform assets and premium investment token assets (Ionomy Collateral Resources) can be transacted and accounted for on the blockchain. Smart Contracts creation functionality facilitates new use cases for ION ION Nodes facilitates network scaling by offloading contract and token management from the core ION blockchain Secondary network based on the number of ionomy assets the wallet owns to register as active Invest-node Smart Nodes that operate from all ION staking wallets ION Sharenode that dynamical activates and controls smart ION nodes Fees for smart contract transactions performed by the Sharenodes and Invest-nodes can be distributed to ION node addresses and/or token addresses. ION wallet with the ability to create multiple Sharenodes and Invest-nodes using single large 250K wallet asset and from multiple wallets composed from more than two Ionomy assets.
-Dynamic creation of nodes using summing of partial multiple wallets asset

Sharenode Owner
The amount of Ionomy asset required to active this node will be require at least one IONsx deposited in the ION wallet. These nodes are commonly refereed to as a Sharenode. Only holders of the sharenode asset will be permitted to vote using the ION wallet. You will be able to review and Vote on different proposals via the ION Blockchain (VIB). This would allow ION sharenode owners with access to the ION wallet the ability to vote for developments going forward in the ionomy ecosystem. The current IIP 1 implementation excludes third party hosted ION wallets from voting.

Smart Node Owner
The amount of Ionomy asset required to active a smart node varies from all the available ionomy assets used during activation of the ION Node in any staking ION wallet. These dynamic ION Nodes are commonly refereed to as a Invest-node. Only holders of the Invester-nodes will be permitted to process Premium Invester Tokens (PIT) on the secondary ION network using the ION staking wallets.

The Ionomy ecosystem is currently made up of nine types of proposed Ionomy Collateral Resources ranked from high to low order:

IONsx (sharenode)
Smart ION Node (Inactive till 2021 network)
Premium Investor Token

Atom Owner
The Atom asset is a token that can be purchased at ionomy V3 platform using trade buying system. The holders of 5,000 Atom assets are entitled to "ionomy Whale" privileges. The holders of 2,000 thru 500 Atoms asset are entitled to ionomy "Shark or Founder" privileges. ATOMs will get airdrops. Tokenizing ATOMs will give them new superpowers on the ION blockchain. First, ATOMs will get airdrops directly on chain. 10% of the Dark Matter supply goes to ATOM holders.

DarkMatter Owner
The DarkMatter asset is a genesis token that is being distributed to the ionomy community in accordance to the following XDM distribution allocations. Half of all the DarkMatter asset will be given away in adoption, airdrops and crowd sales sponsored by ionomy. The process of asset/token creation will cost XDM of which a fraction will get burnt so making XDM a tiny bit more valuable.

DarkMatter (XDM) is the first token on the ION blockchain. It has a limited supply of 71,000 and a deflationary protocol that causes a portion of the the transaction fee to be delete from circulation. The transaction fee is dynamic, beginning at the relatively high figure of 0.1x for the first ten thousand transactions and going down incrementally after every additional ten thousand XDM transactions. As the fee decreases, there is added incentive for more transactions. More transactions means more downward pressure on the total supply, which concentrates network value across a shrinking number of tokens. These baked-in features make XDM a superior store of value.

The other important thing to remember about XDM is its utility proposition. XDM is an integral part of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) which allows users to make permissionless and immutable tokens that are embedded in the ION blockchain. Every time a user wants to create a new ATP token, it is necessary for them to spend XDM. Tokens on the ION blockchain can be used for any purpose, from in-game economies (incorporating ionomy’s GameGrid network) to fundraising mechanisms to verification systems (see the POTX protocol coming soon to ionomy). Every time one of these use cases becomes a reality, there are XDM transactions, which means fee burning and concentration of value.

Wallet Interface
Urgent need to simplify interface between "newbie" crypto investor and innovative new ION "NEWTRON" 5.0+ wallets

Wouldn't be nice if all you need to provide are

Premium Investment Token (PIT) wallet's address, type of IONomy Collateral Resources asset, and whether the resource is a Sharenode or Invest-Node option
Your Node(s) are automatically built for you by 3rd party 2020 wallet hosting business.

Smart Contracts
Introducing smart contracts on the ION blockchain would add functionality to the blockchain that increases the utility and scalability of the ION network, including an increased functional role for masternodes and invest-nodes. Smart Contract bandwidth usage should never exceed 80% capacity of the secondary ION network. Addition of new types of Smart Contracts utilizing the ION blockchain or the secondary ION network at a later date should be approved by the ION Core Team and vote from all ION Masternode owners. To create and modify premium investment token assets, developers must pay a fee to the ION network. It’s planned that this fee is DarkMatter asset. Thus its secondary utility is for token governance.

Ionomy Limited Assets Smart Contract
The first Ionomy LTD assets on the blockchain for masternodes to process will be ION, IONsx, Atom, and DarkMatter(XDM) transactions. These Ionomy assets will be manageable in the ION wallet or on Ionomy V3 platform and beyond. XDM asset is coded to not just have a stable supply, but deflationary. Increased adoption actually accelerates the deflationary velocity by burning a small amount of it with every transaction.

GAME-GRID Assets Smart Contract
This ION proposal would allow for premium investment tokens using the GAME-GRID interface to be built on the ION blockchain and managed on Ionomy V3 platform . GAME-GRID Asset transactions will utilize the secondary ION network to process the transaction. The maximum number of different tokens active on the blockchain shall not exceed the processing capability of the secondary ION network composed from active ION Invest-nodes. There will be an option in the ION wallets to select node preference.

Premium Investment Token Asset (PIT) - The proposed will be composed of the following assets:

Electrons Atoms DarkMatter Allows users to make permissionless and immutable tokens

ION Asset
The number of ION assets will increase based on the new block reward schedule being implemented in the ION blockchain (refer to IIP 7) . These assets were pre-mined at initialization of the ION blockchain and continues to created the asset according to the blockchain reward schedule in revised 2020 ION White Paper (refer to IIP 8 ). ION transactions will utilize all active ION wallets on the primary network to process the transaction. The ION transaction fees are added to the masternode's portion of the block reward. The block reward split between the masternode and staking wallets are defined in timelock-based block reward distribution paper (refer to IIP 4)

Referenced ION Proposals
IIP 1 Scopes out the purpose and guidelines for IIPs. The eventual goal is to incorporate this structure onto the blockchain. i.e. you will be able to review and vote on different IIPs V.I.B (Voting via ION Blockchain). Status is Implementation I.D.K (I Don't Know) The ION, Ionomy, and general public communities has APPROVED this proposal last year.

IIP 2 Introduces secondary tokens onto the blockchain. This is happening now with the introduction of IONsx, Atom and XDM Ionomy tokens with IIPs 6, 7, 8 and 10. (current status: REJECTED - NOT in accordance with IIP 1 standards)

IIP 3 Revised block reward schedule. (FREEZE ORDER - 5 year stagnate design implemented under ION Core Team's emergency process in current 2019 ION wallet)

IIP 4 Timelock-based block reward structure. Status is I.D.K. The ION, Ionomy, and general public communities has APPROVED this proposal last year.

IIP 5 Halve masternode collateral requirement. Status is I.D.K The WIN design covers this proposal with introduction of IONsx asset containing 10,000 coins (refer to IIP 10)

IIP 6 WildOnION-Node-Responsibility Ionomy 2020 Ecosystem White Paper (Draft stage by Mr. Onion & Mr. Matlack)

]IIP 7 Increase-ION-Blockchain-Reward-with-Smart-Nodes-18-coins (WiN concept in Public consensus stage Sponsored by ION Founders team.). The ION Founders team is defined as you and Wild's Depot research and development members. Multiple personalities in one body is not a team.

IIP 8 Add-Developer-Assets-to-ION-Blockchain ION 2020 White Paper (Authored by Wild's Depot & ION Core team).

IIP 9 Encourage-5-Year-Growth-in-Ionomy-Ecosystem (currently in the hands of ionomy LTD Leadership/Management with ionomy updated 2020 roadmap).

IIP 10 Ionomy-2025-Vision-with-ION-Blockchain-Network-Ownership (WIN concept with innovative ION Network)

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Buy, Sell, Trade

Current Value of Ionomy Collateral Resources

ION: $ 2.9 cents
BTC: $ 9.5K dollars
IONsx: $ 3.7 cents
XDM: $ 4.97 dollars
ATOM: $ 1.05 dollars
HIVE: $ 34.2 cents
Premium "ELEC" Investor Token (PIT): ???

Smart 2020 investors TRADE at https://ionomy.com/en/markets/ion-xdm

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ION Expansion

Wild's Depot Research & Development

Achieve WIN project 2020 goals for funding donations

create documents that describe the ION 2025 design and system requirements to system test the 2020 system requirements Ionomy Collateral Resources concept & deployment IONomy wallet user manual quality management leadership skills everything that's NOT code related published ahead of time milestones it's called SENIOR system engineer ION 2020 white paper IIP 66 (controls & limits on 2020 ION network) Ionomy Ecosystem white paper system test director for V3 ionomy platform Interface design specification between wallet and user ION Improvement Proposals matrix & current status contributing 15 cpus resources to Folding@home

ION wallet: iUnTbj9qMHLyBkdX9GuaKpgVJB8cdar7iN
BTC wallet: 33VtPpM6bFSFW1UZtaCU7FH6PdipJ2hv1B

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Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Do you have an issue?

ION Proposal 8 - ION NEW standards for Deflationary

alt text

Ionomy Wisdom Knowledge to community
ION Proposal 8 - ION NEW standards for Deflationary
VOTE Wild option to re-elect NEW 2020 IONomy chief strategist

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Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

Usage of "KNOT" concept by Ionomy Whales

Resistance to complete process using the correct path with FORWARD motion.

Example: KNOT Ionomy Collateral Resources

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Latest ICO Info

5 Signs You Need Help With Smart Contract Security Audit

Worried about the intended behavior of smart contracts written by your developers?

You’ve heard about various smart contract hacks like (The DAO Hack and Parity Hack) and are worried that your smart contract might have bugs?

Are you launching a tokenized crowdfunding campaign and want to get your smart contracts audited before exchange listing?

Your blockchain developers are unable to write comprehensive unit test cases for your smart contracts and you’re worried about the functionality of the contracts?

Your investors are asking for 3rd party security audit of your smart contracts but you are unable to find an experienced team of auditors?

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