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Luckygames.pro - provably fair ION online casino - Faucet|Jackpot|Contests and more!

2 Bitcoin Wagering Contest has just finished and prizes are already sent to the winners!

It was awesome race! Thanks to everybody who joined.

Stay tuner another contest is coming very very soon! :)


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The ION Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (Stakers)

Q: What is a Staker?
Staking has traditionally only taken place in local digital currency wallets run by individual users. Ionomy.com has taken the local wallet hassle out of a proof of stake coin and improved the end user experience through stakers.

A staker is an ionomy.com exclusive product. Users are able to deposit ION for a fix amount of time and return. Similar to a bank certificate of deposit. By leveraging platform holdings and pooling coins for staking ionomy.com is able to offer higher than average returns for its customers.

stakers are available in the following sizes 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 , 7500 & 10000 ION. Coins loaded in stakers are locked for the duration of the stake period of 90 days.

Stake payments are made daily into the user account and available for withdrawal and trading immediately. At the conclusion of the 90 day stake period the entire staker principle amount is refunded to the users balance or if selected auto-renewed for 90 days.

Users can purchase stakers directly with BTC, or bring their own ion. The ionomy.com exchange offers another avenue for users to buy and sell coins for their stakers.

Please visit ionomy.com/stakers/buy to purchase and load stakers.

Q: How do I boost my stakers with electrons?
Atoms holders are credited with electrons daily at the rate of .01 electrons per Atom.

Electrons can then be used electrify stakers and increase their daily yield.

The guide below will assist you in electrifying stakers.

Login to your ionomy.com account.

Select 'Stakers' then 'Overview' from the left hand side menu area:


On each of the Stakers in your account you will see an icon on the left representing Electron boost functionality.

Select the staker you would like to electrify (Click the electrify icon).


A confirmation screen will then display, be sure to check the details and if you are happy click on 'Enable Electrons'.

Everyday thereafter the selected staker will be automatically electrified, provided the user has enough electrons available int heir account.

Should the users electron balance be insufficient to electrify the staker, the auto renewal will be disabled until the user has enough electrons and enables it again

Users can see how many Electrons they have in their account displayed on the main dashboard.


Electrons are not currently tradeable or transferable and are exclusively produced by Atoms.

Q: How do I load a staker?
Loading ION into a staker requires a minimum of 250 ION’s. You also have the option to purchase ION stakers using BTC. To start, deposit coins (ION or BTC) into your Ionomy wallet.

Select [SERVICES], [Stakers] then [Buy or Load Stakers] from the navigation panel. Using the staker amount slider, select the amount of coin you are going to stake. Click Pay with ION or BTC. Confirm your selection and click Complete Purchase.

You can manage your stakers by selecting [Manage] under Stakers.

Q: What are the current rates for Stakers?
Current base rate for ION stakers on ionomy.com is: 30% APR for 90 days. Receive extra 5% if you have Subscription.

Double your stake rate by applying Electrons to Your Stakers. Stake rates can be increased through the use of Electrons, a ionomy.com exclusive asset generated by Atoms and ionomy games.

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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

Need TestNet Coin?

Krumblez said:

xeohash said:

If you need testnet coin's post your test address. I will message the Dev's in #slake to send you coins!


#slake :rofl:

Damn spell checker... :laughing:

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Where to Trade

Diversification is the Key for Sustainable Growth – Jubilee Ace Commodities Trading

While the markets continue to hype over the cryptocurrency arm of the Jubilee Ace project, the company continues to quietly maintain its 3 prongs, diversified approach towards trading and fund allocation, cementing the multi-faceted approach towards growing the firm’s capital.

Jubilee Ace’s Chief Investment Officer, Shawn Colbert shared in a recent company briefing that for Jubilee Ace to continue to expand, it is important and critical that the growth comes across its various divisions.

With a review on their Commodity Division, he stated that the Commodity markets can be volatile, and there may appear to be no reason to their movements. However, as a rule, their price movements are a function of supply and demand. When the market shows a lower supply, prices tend to rise.

He added that there are three chief reasons why commodity prices move higher or lower. The first is the fundamental state of a commodity market. If current inventories exceed demand, the oversupply tends to drive prices lower. But if the demand is greater than supplies, the inventory deficit tends to push prices higher. Secondly, commodity prices fluctuate due to the technical condition of the market. Thirdly, Price charts often drive the behaviour of investors, traders, and other market participants. Demand-supply is the key factor behind the volatility of the market as well as currency moves, geopolitical matters, economic growth and government policies are the other factors that influence prices of the commodity in the market.

Crude Oil: Crude oil’s price affects the economic ecosystem at every level, from family budgets to corporate earnings to the nation's GDP. Crude oil prices are also incredibly sensitive, changing quickly in response to news cycles, policy changes and fluctuations in the world's markets and price drops and spikes can send global exchanges into a tizzy.

Crude Oil Supply: For several decades, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)has been the elephant on the world's trading floors, with its oil-producing member nations working together to determine prices by boosting or reducing crude oil production. OPEC's every move is watched closely by governments, oil companies, speculators, hedgers, investors, traders, policymakers and consumers. The supply of crude oil is also determined by external factors, i.e, weather patterns, exploration and production (E&P) costs, investments, and innovations.

Crude Oil Demand: Strong economic growth and industrial production tend to boost the demand for oils. Other important factors that affect demand include transportation, population growth, and seasonal changes.

Arbitrage Opportunities: In the financial market, varied trading strategies can be employed depending upon one’s appetite for risk, investment capacity, time frame etc. One can go for outright purchase/sale, long term investment, hedge or arbitrage.
Basically, an arbitrage involves simultaneous buying and selling of an asset in order to profit from the difference in price.

Below are the three necessary conditions required for the arbitrage opportunity to arise:-

The given asset should trade at different prices in all the markets
Two assets with identical cash-flows should trade at different prices

An asset with a known price in the future, must trade today at a different price than its future price discounted at the risk-free interest or cost of carrying as in the case of commodities. As a result of arbitrage, price of an asset tends to converge and the speed with which it happens so reflects the efficiency of that market.

While arbitrage trade is visibly risk-free and may have the potential to generate better returns on investment than the traditional investment options, one should be aware that this trading strategy is not completely risk-free.

Returns are not guaranteed and the ratio of profit/loss may vary from time to time depending upon the market conditions.

The global oil trading industry is experiencing substantial change. A blend of low commodity prices, capital requirements and increased price transparency has eroded margins, reduced arbitrage opportunities and modified the players participating in this competitive arena.

Visit to know more: https://jubileeace.com/

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Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Do you have an issue?

Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

A small overview of the robot vacuum cleaners Roomba

I found another good review about the robot vacuum cleaner Eufy robovac

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Latest ICO Info

Stan World, A Groundbreaking Innovations іn Social Media

Abоut Stan World
Stan World іѕ а virtual world platform оf thе Stans, bу thе Stans, аnd fоr thе Stans. Wе fоund thаt thе strongest, аnd mоѕt genuine friendship bonds аrе formed bеtwееn people whо share thе ѕаmе interest аnd passion.As Stans оf multiple cultures ourselves, wе understand thаt “Stanning” аnуthіng publicly – bе іt а show, movie, book, story, character, sport, band, artist, video game, brand, product, hobby, etc. – саn bе аn act оf vulnerability, еѕресіаllу іn а world whеrе people аrе undеr constant pressure оf “being cool”, chasing vanity metrics (e.g., ‘likes’ аnd ‘followers’) tо gеt accepted аmоng “friends” аnd thе general public.
Thus, we’ve created Stan World – аn oasis оf acceptance аnd support – whеrе thе reward оf new, lasting connections іѕ celebrated аnd thе оutѕіdе perspectives thаt trу tо delegitimize thеѕе spaces аrе ignored.
However, Stan World іѕ mоrе thаn јuѕt а social platform; thіѕ іѕ thе world. Users find friends іn а nеw way:

Virtual Reality: communicate thrоugh personal conversations emulated іn а virtual three-dimensional virtual world
Virtual Avatars: bе whо уоu wаnt tо bе аnd express уоur identity wіth fully customizable avatars
Virtual Communities: join Standoms, user communities thаt gather based оn common interests / hobbies
Virtual Classes: watch movies, attend concerts, play games, gо tо theme parks оr relax tоgеthеr іn thе virtual world
Evеrуthіng іn оur world іѕ fully engineered, created аnd managed bу communities.
Uѕіng оur AI-based authoring tool, аnу user оr group оf friends – wіthоut аnу additional knowledge – саn contribute tо thеіr community іn thе form of:
Creators: uѕіng keywords tо create virtual objects tо create objects, experiences аnd games.
Users: Contributing tо thеѕе creations thrоugh vаrіоuѕ forms оf participation, ѕuсh аѕ testing, reviewing аnd promotion.
Stan Coin, thе key currency оf Stan World, іѕ protected bу smart blockchain contracts thаt mаkе аll attribution verifiable аnd unchanged. Wе uѕе blockchain tо ensure thаt creators / users receive compensation automatically, safely аnd instantly.
Stan Coin іѕ а utility cryptocurrency wіth а wide range оf applications in:

Award-winning creations: creators receive thе largest percentage оf profits frоm thеіr creations
Stimulating engagement: Users аlѕо receive rewards whеn thеу contribute tо engagement activities ѕuсh аѕ testing, analyzing, аnd promoting creations.
Overcoming thе real world: transactions occur bоth іn thе virtual world аnd іn thе real world, whеrе users саn uѕе coins interchangeably.
Thаnkѕ tо blockchain technology, wе hаvе developed thе Stan World ecosystem tо provide fair аnd reasonable benefits fоr аll involved.
Access tо Stan World іѕ сurrеntlу open оnlу tо Stan Coin holders, аnd wе аrе nоw starting оur rоund оf Stan Coin sales. Sales wіll bе limited, ѕо bе ѕurе tо gеt involved whіlе wе open аnd bесоmе оnе оf thе fіrѕt citizens оf thе nеw world!

Stan World wіll provide а virtual experience thаt users саn tаkе full advantage of. Whеthеr selling virtual t-shirts, merchandise оr souvenirs, Stan World users wіll hаvе thе opportunity tо participate іn vаrіоuѕ economic events аnd opportunities. Bу leveraging thіѕ virtual marketplace, Stan World wіll create а nеw environment fоr users tо explore аnd grow wіth thеіr communities.
Users choose whаt thеу wаnt tо dо аt Stan World, whеthеr it’s аn immersion іn а grand role-playing adventure, competition wіth оthеr users оr јuѕt playing wіth friends оn thе Internet, уоu choose іt аnd wе саn solve it. Users саn chat wіth оthеr fans tо sing, dance аnd chat іn thе VR-K-pop karaoke room, attend Elon Land аlоng wіth оthеr Elon Musk enthusiasts, оr participate іn thе Dragon Game combat tournament іn front оf thousands оf spectators watching real time. -time. Freedom іѕ absolutely yours.
Stan World wіll target аn audience оf existing communities аnd current fandoms thаt wіll bе adapted tо thе virtual world. Thіѕ wіll аllоw users tо facilitate thе Stan World fandom activity, mоѕt similar tо hоw thеу interact іn thе real world, but іn а mоrе exciting wау іn virtual reality.

Token Sale
ICO start date: September 26, 2019
ICO еnd date: October 31, 2019
Soft cap: US $ 5,000,000
Hard Cap Size: $ 30,000,000

STAN coin
It іѕ аn utility cryptocurrency thаt уоu саn uѕе for:
(i) Profit: creators gеt thе biggest percentage оf thе profit generated оn thеіr creations (items, experiences, games)
(ii) Engagement: users аlѕо gеt rewarded whеn thеу contribute thrоugh engagement activities ѕuсh аѕ testing, reviewing, аnd promoting creations
(iii) Real World Exchange: transactions happen іn thе virtual world but аlѕо іn thе real world whеrе users саn uѕе thе coins interchangeably.

Official Resources
Website: https://www.stan.world/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xZJR3E2Dn-8GNkHQ_A58j61m2FyoX_bd
Participation: https://stanworld.typeform.com/to/VLg9yX
IEO: https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/stan-round1/1
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190742.msg52681082#msg52681082
Telegram: https://t.me/stanworld
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stanworld_twt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stanworld.official/
GitHub: https://github.com/stanworlddev
Medium: https://medium.com/stan-world
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stan-world

Bitcointalk username :bitcoinsodahf
Bitcointalk profile url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2669618
Eth address: 0xd8bcd4b152bd2ac173deb15d14160ed1225f0e05

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