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Those Other Coins - No ICO's Please...

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The ION Platform

New Life for Ionomy Atoms with ION Improvement Proposal White Paper

TGIF Atom Owners

ION Improvement Protocol voting is underway! The Core Teams IIPs are discussed briefly in the draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper showing new Atom usage and voting information about ION Core IIPs.


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Blockchain, Masternodes, Staking & Wallets

ION Improvement Proposal WildonION-Node-Responsibility

The KEY WORD for Wild's Depot AI Experiment is "draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper". The KEY HUMAN Assets are:

Mr. Onion
Mr. Coins
Mr. Korvas
Mr. Pisonic
ION Community members
BITCOIN members
Public (All over the World)

Draft ionomy Ecosystem White Paper:

ionomy Ecosystem White Paper in BITCOINTALK ION Thread:

ionomy Ecosystem White Paper (Public):

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ION Expansion

ION R & D Project

Visit Wild's Depot at http://invite.wildsdepot.com to make comments on the ION Ecosystem draft white paper being sponsored by Wild's Depot research and development team.


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Where to Trade

Gravity, To The Moon, Ionix

Ionomy Studios NEXT Game

@xeohash When is the Formal Release of the Car Racing Game that Ionomy Studios is Producing to the PUBLIC?

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Do you have an issue?

Workflow Defects of New ION Ecosystem White Paper by ION R & D Team

Is WildonION doing all the "Wild's Depot Experiment** paper work?
Send IONs to Mr. C?
Send BTC to Mr. Coins
Send "Dark Matter" to ION_Huey. :100: Smiley
When is "Dark Matter" airdrop?
Who gets :"Dark Matter" airdrop?

topic=1443633.msg43212562#msg43212562distribution - Mr. Oion wants
Is ION_Huey a System Engineer?
Is Mr. OnION the System Test Director?bolded text _Mr. OnION wants 20K IONs? for ionomy System Test Director https://i.gyazo.com/08e42ecc3be866c273afcbda51da2679.gif ION_Huey is Chief Strategist of ionomy? Adam Matlack is Chief Strategist of ionomy LTD Where to store ionomy Experiment Data, https://www.BITCOIN.com/ or https://www.ION.COMMUNITY @Korvas128 I need ionomy Whale to verify this message Please? Smiley ionomy Wild's Depot AI Experiment LIVE System Test Completed! THANK YOU for usage of BITCOIN & ION COMMUNITY Forum SYSTEMs. ION_Huey needs to DONATE 5 ION Masternodes to ""ION FOUNDATION" !!! **Wild's Depot TEST REPORT and results COMING SOON @Korvas128 I need an ionomy Whale to verify this message Please?

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Independent Gaming Sector & Development

Almost Anything Goes

Need help with Mandated Username Change from Ionomy Administrators

I have conformed to the resolution placed upon me by the Ionomy Community Kangaroo Court and I am getting Permission errors when trying to comment on the IIPs. When I created a new account at the first of the year, the Ionomy Admins banned that user and informed me that I was to use the Wild ION Shark user account. Can the silly games the Community Ionomy Administers are playing cease and give me access to the ION Improvement Proposals discussions hosted on Discord!

Colin (ionomy)
Jul 5, 6:22 AM EDT


I would have thought you can make a new account with a different username, if you are not there already - and reach out that way.


Jun 30, 2:52 PM EDT


How do I get in contact with the community administrators to address my permission defect on Discord?


Colin (ionomy)
Jun 30, 2:41 PM EDT

Hi Ed,

I am afraid it looks like you are still banned, maybe you did not change your username as advised before.

The discord is run by the community now so we can do nothing this end to enable your account.


Jun 30, 1:34 PM EDT

Ionomy Support

I was unable to add my voice to the discussion on the dedicated Discord channel #iip-discussion. Could you please give me permission to the IIP discussion?

Screenshot of no Permission Error:


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Latest ICO Info

Bolttcoin Social Health Gamification Platform.

BolttCoin platform is powered by blockchain technology, has introduced BOLTT a coin that helps players take part in in-app competitions and win cryptocurrency. BOLTT can be used to pay for real products and services in Bolttcoin ecosystem and also improve businesses, offer promotions, customers’ acquisition and loyalty. The objective of the platform is to grow a huge community of engaged users that are potential consumers and clients, and not simply connect them on the basis of gamification but on improved health. Boltt Token has a limited supply and with the increasing number of players, the value of tokens should increase. Boltt offers solid trade entries for the transformation of Bolttcoin.

alt text
Bolttcoin is a superb sample, supported block connections, which is able to enable users to submit health knowledge and, in turn, probably earn on their efforts. BolttCoin.io is a web platform for social protection, supported block relationships, which is able to be aimed toward making a virtual community of health sector actors. additionally, the platform can give wearable technical devices for the health care market to use and stimulate users World Health Organization need to remain in form and reciprocally receive a gift for it. In essence, BolltCoin can work to inspire individuals in such some way to stimulate the expansion of health.

Bolttcoin Marketplace shoppers can look for basic product and enterprises known with healthful services wherever they'll pay utilizing their own platform token, Bolttcoin (BOLTT). BolttCoin utilizes blockchain innovation for the diversion's capability. shoppers will get tokens from the end of the set medical problems and wager on the data. Also, the proprietors can utilize tokens to pay money for exchanges, things and administrations within a decentralised biological system.


Boltt Health

Track your all day Activity, Sleep, Nutrition

Boltt Fitness

Smash your fitness goals with a library of fun workouts.

Weight Loss Programmes

Daily and weekly plans of custom diets and exercises

AI Voice Coaching

Realtime Audio feedback during workouts

Personalized Health Feedback

Dynamic chat based insights

Shoes With Intelligence

Shoes With Personalized Fitness Coaching
alt text

The main difference that makes BolttCoin stand out from competitors is that its business model is based on the token of value growth and cash flow generated from the operating platform. All games on the platform run on a single cryptocurrency named BolttCoin (BOLTT) which is also the main driver of the BolttCoin economy. To participate in InHouse Steps based on game income, users must pay a monthly subscription (fiat or BolttCoins).

This game is played on 4 levels and wins can be three to four times the entry fee for daily super-active users. Based on the assumption that a small number of users will be able to consistently maintain super-active status, we expect positive net cash flow. Also for hosting challenges or bets, the platform imposes a normal maintenance fee of 5%, the boot is divided among the winners after this fee dedcuction.

This model is also partially based on the law of Metcalfe which states that the larger the user network, the greater the network value becomes. The same applies to Boltt Coin platforms: as the number of players who want to play challenges & games increases, namely increasing demand, so does the value of Boltt Tokens that have limited inventory.


Boltt engagement & gamification:

Enables creating challenges, tournaments, and games from sponsored brands, celebrities, and corporates to reward participants. In addition, it enables merchants to create loyalty programs or link their existing programs to the Boltt platform & give rewards in the form of BolttCoins to spend on the partner network.

Boltt decentralized marketplace:

Serves several purposes. It mainly enables product listing and sale while opening up a host of other uses including insurance benefits, utility bill payments, entertainment bookings, offline shops, and other services.

Boltt identity management and health ID:

Provides a digital identity to every individual user. This will be one global health ID on the Blockchain that provides a higher level of security and privacy and available on demand.

Boltt crypto wallet:

Enables access to all financial services in the Boltt ecosystem. This includes many features including multiple top up and cash out options, holding fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, money transfer, bill payments & a decentralized exchange.

Loyalty Programs

Enables merchants to create a loyalty plan or link existing programmes to the Boltt Ecosystem & give rewards in the form of Boltt Coins to spend on the partner network

Ecosystem & Market Place

Enables product listing and sale while opening up a host of the other uses including insurance benefits, utility bill payments, entertainment bookings, offline shops, and other services


Symbol: BOLTT

Protocol: Waves & Ethereum

Total Supply: 170 MN BOLTTCOINS

Token Sale volume: 100 MN BOLTTCOINS

Token price: 1 ETH = 4000 BOLTT or 1 BOLTT = 0.00025 ETH

Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH(ACHIEVED)

Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH

Private Sales Start: 20th May 2018

Private Sale Cap: 3000 ETH(COMPLETED)

Pre Sales(TBA): 16000 ETH

ICO (TBA): 6000 ETH

Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.1 ETH


Pre-ICO Start Date: 2018-05-20

Pre-ICO End Date: 2018-07-20

Pre-ICO Hard Cap: 9,000 ETH

Pre-ICO Price (BOLTT): 0.00025ETH

Max Coin Supply: 36Million BOLTT

All tokens that are not sold during pre-ICO and ICO rounds

will be burned automatically.


ICO Start Date: 2018-08-01

ICO End Date: 2018-08-31

ICO Soft Cap: 5000 ETH

ICO Hard Cap: 16,000 ETH

Price (BOLTT): 0.00025

Max Token Supply: 64 Million BOLTT

The ICO will continue until the hard cap or ICO end date is reached. Boltt tokens will be transferred immediately after their contribution is confirmed on the blockchain.
alt text

alt text


alt text

Boltt creates an ecosystem of real-life partnerships with retailers, merchants, corporates, service providers, insurance companies, and an integration of gamification, blockchain and distributed ledger technology that aims towards increasing engagement & loyalty based on improved health. The Boltt ecosystem enables people to Earn BolttCoins by taking steps, which is a tangible measure of improving one’s personal health. BolttCoin is the exclusive currency used within the ecosystem that can be used as rewards in social gamification, engagement and loyalty programs across the ecosystems.

Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.


Website : https://bolttcoin.io/

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3276720

Whitepaper: https://bolttcoin.io/BolttCoinWhitePaper-V1.0.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/BolttCoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bolttsports/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bolttsports

alt text

Author: Martilda

Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1887582

Eth address: 0xd0D5d98857192B3931c831b7B809D47CD830da32

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